• Governments, families and friends lie

    Question everything. The government lies to you every day. Family members and friends all lie every day. To you. To your friends. To each other. Even you lie. So every one should question what you say too. No need to be paranoid. Just don't verbalize it. Always question why people do or say things. You should be questioning why I'm stating my opinion as YES.

  • Yes. We should.

    If you look at the Greek philosophers a thousand years ago, they started to question things. Fast forward to a few centuries, early scientist are intrigued with nature. They started to question things and started to theorize them. And using the Greek Philosophers questions and results as the base for their theory, they started to get answers. Not too long after that, new questions begun to spring up, and Scientist begun solving them. And as they progress with the answers, the society begins to grow. Advance technologies are born at the same time someone gets an answer.

    All I want to say is that, if we don't question everything, we wont get answers that can help us with our lives/ future. We should question everything so that our thinking can widen and be more advanced.

  • Get the facts!!!

    People will often try to mislead you or convince you of a point that just isn't true. You should question everything you hear, whether you agree with it or not. Asking questions is the only way to uncover the real truth. No one will just tell you the truth if you don't ask. In a world full of slanted media coverage (on both sides) and divisiveness like we've never seen before, people will say anything to convince you. It's your job to be informed, and get the facts.

  • Freedom of mind

    Your mind can be truly free only if we do not take anything for granted and refuse to accept something just because other people think that it's correct or because it has always been done this way. I doesn't mean that one should deny all prior knowledge. It's more about testing the evidence and looking for new, better ways to accomplish something.

  • "Questioning Everything" is mantra for all to follow

    To question everything is the concept that has kept humanity progressing over the last 2000 years. Take the instance of lunar rendezvous. The Apollo 11 Mission was doomed to fail without it, until Dr. Houbolt came up with the idea, which went up against von Braun's idea. Houbolt developed this by questioning von Braun's ideas of a lunar landing. This in the end, was accepted and was a key factor to getting a man onto the moon in under a decade. Without the mantra of "question everything" we would be stuck on this planet still gazing dreamily up at the moon hoping that we could be there.

  • A lot of people lie!!!!

    The goverment lies every day. Your family lies every day. Your friends lie every day. You might not know it, that's just cause they are good at it. I would know. Question. Every. Thing. It is needed. Ignorance is bliss but I don't want to live my life with lies. I already do but I can spot them easier now. Trust me you are lied to. If you are still saying you aren't lied to, go ahead live your life with lies. But I love you all so, I say question everything. If you don't want to question everything question somethings. You will work your way into questioning everything. This is just my opinion though so, just saying.

  • This is how we learn

    Only by questioning and searching for truth can we learn develop and grow. My first response to any statement is to question its authenticity, discover the facts review the arguments and see where this can lead. I have a never ending thirst for understanding and learning. Knowledge is the key

  • Everything is up for Debate

    How can we find truth without questions? Being well informed does not make you a conspiracy theorist. Not asking questions leads to ignorance and ways of thinking that aren't challenged have not been proven. Is the sky really blue? Depends on your definition. Technically, it's light rebounding. So is our perception the truth, or is the sky a void and our brains patch in blue?

    Posted by: Maia
  • Taking things for granted.

    We have the power to question, to comprehend. We should use this to its full extent because history gives examples of those who do not question what is before them and they ultimately pay the price.

    But there is a difference between questioning something logically and questioning something for the sake of it; there needs to be a purpose to it.

  • Yes we should

    How do societies, science, philosophy evolve? How do we, as humans, get better? This is all done by reviewing our previous ideas on politics, ethics and science in general. Change has been proven to be beneficial and questioning brings change in people's consciousness. Consider the medieval years, an era mostly described by ignorance. An era, where people massively turned to religion and no significant steps were made to improve mankind as a whole. This all ended in the renaissance where people started questioning everything around them, from religion to the powers that be. It was not until that time that major discoveries were made. Maps were being completed, the first trip around the world was achieved and more and more scientists were developing theories changing once and for all the way we perceive the world. All this, would not have been done without those who dared to question what was then considered to be a universal truth. So, in my opinion, yes, questioning everything is crucial for the world and it is our moral obligation, as humans, to do so.

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    Who is more ignorant? The man who can't define lightning or the man who doesn't respect its awesome power? There is a time and a place to seek out knowledge, and another time and place to simply sit back and wonder in awe about the amazingness of the universe. Sometimes its healthy to be humble enough to know that you can't know everything

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