Should we raise awareness towards suicidal and depressed teens?

  • Yes in the society we live in

    Society is constantly putting pressure onto each gender and culture forcing stereotypes and rules onto everyone. Suicide awareness should increase so people can know where to find help, or just so people are aware this is going on in the world, lost amongst the bigger news, suicide is never spoken about amongst depressed teenagers in the media.

  • Yes, suicide awareness, and learning the signs of depression in teens, are important.

    With suicide being so common among teens (the third main cause of death), it's important that everyone knows the signs of a depressed and suicidal teen. Education about this is important; schools could easily send home flyers to parents, with signs of what to watch out for in their children. Teachers can also be on the lookout for withdrawn students who don't engage in class. We all need to work together to try to lower the teen suicide rate.

  • It's a rough world for kids.

    There's a lot of pressure on teens in our modern world. From parents and schools to succeed and excel at academics or maybe even sports. From friends to conform, fit in, and run with the herd, even if they'd like to do something else. Is it any wonder that teens are depressed and suicidal. Let's raise awareness and stop the epidemic.

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