• I support this idea

    The age of majority was lowered due to the voting age being lowered (since suffersge is tied with adulthood). Everything else was lowered to 18 (even the drinking age) until more alcohol related deaths amongst teens happened. To raise that back to 21 should have been a sign that we should’ve waited a little longer. I personally think the draft age should’ve been raised. Over the years we had to gradually add restrictions such as: tobacco use, drinking age, aging out of foster care, and buying guns. Supporting science says that the teens rational part of the brain is fully developed at 25 though 25 seems a little too far 21 corresponds closely to this modern generation. Other things should be raised to 21 as well. 18 year olds are not prepared as they were before since everything is taking longer along with school. High school does not teach young people how to be adults and majority of parents baby their kids as well. It would just be a better age.

  • It should be raised to 21

    The adolescent brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 25, aside from that, The president is trying to raise the age to buy guns back to 21. Young people aren’t taking adult roles at 18 like they use to decades ago. A lot of 18 year olds don’t know how to live in the real world due to America’s modern education system. 21 just seems like a better age for this modern generation.

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