• Yes, we should.

    Rationing the old seems like a pretty harsh way to put it, but I agree for the most part. I don't agree wholly, however, and do think the elderly need nurtering of their own. Hard to ration something that is falling apart. But, in theory, I like the idea of this

  • It would not be fair!

    To ration the old to nurture the young seems very barbaric. We, as evolved, thinking, advanced humans should be caring to the elderly. The notion of rationing the old for the benefit of the young corresponds with "survival of the fittest", and completely cruel in terms with our modern philosophy. In the developed world, so much effort is being put into making everyone feel "equal" and "fair", this idea undermines all of this to favor the young over the old, completely biased in it's opinion. Although this is only a hypothetical argument, if this way of thinking was to ever come into reality, I would question our humanity. We humans are what we are because of our companion for others, if we lose this, we are no more than animals with technology.

  • I think we should not ration the old in order to nurture the young

    I think we should not ration the old because part of "the young's" problem today is people are trying to live in the past. They're trying to live by old traditions and it's just causing more and more issues. People do not adapt well to change. It's a new day and age, so out with the old and in with the new.

  • What a stupid notion.

    No, we should not "ration" the old in order to nurture the young. Any person who thinks care and compassion is finite probably isn't a very caring or compassionate individual. There's enough of both in this world to value our elders and lay out a path for our newest citizens.

  • We should not.

    We should not ration the old in order to nurture the young. The old have done a ton of stuff in their lifetime, and they deserve to get some benefits while they are in their old age. Rationing them is not human, and could lead to their death much sooner.

  • Far Too Vague

    I do not believe we should ration the old in order to nurture the young. The main reason I disagree is because I don't understand how this would work and in what way are we assuming this rationing is going to happen. This question is far too vague and needs more substance for it to be a viable debate question.

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