• React Violently to ALL REFUGEES!!!

    THEY BOMB US WE BOMB ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to stop coming over here with there head wraps that have bombs concealed in them. Their children do suicide bombing with their parents. They come here and bomb our buildings! DONALD TRUMP SHOULD BE PRESIDENT! WAHOO GO DONALD TRUMP WIN AGAINST ALL THEM PLAYERS!!!

  • Supports a negative image of our Citizens

    Reacting violently to refugees of any sort or anyone seeking asylum promotes a very poor image of our nation and our respective citizens. If we are opposed to immigration of refugees, a better route is to increase screening or reduce the cap on our yearly allotted influx of refugees or new citizens. Violence begets violence.

  • Recating violently will only cause more problems

    Why would you want to react violently to refugees in the first place? Don't bring them in if that's the case, but if you are going to take them in, treat them with hospitality. ISIS will surely use that against you, saying that they won't be accepted anywhere, except by ISIS. They can and will take advantage of your own fears and use that to their advantage (they are terrorists after all), I'm sure that quite a few of those refugees just want to live their lives and not have to worry about being persecuted by ISIS so it's unfair to react violently to them wanting to get away from that just because you can't keep your fears and hatred in check.

  • Refugees are innocent people.

    Out of the thousands of Syrian refugees, close to none endanger our everyday lives. We must be accepting of those seeking refuge, especially during this time of crisis in Syria. Unsupported bias and hatred towards foreigners is the only reason violent reactions are even tolerable. America was founded under the unison of peoples seeking independence and refuge; when did our opinions change?

  • No, Syran refugees are not necessarily violent people

    No, we should not react violently to Syrian refugees. The fact that someone is from Syria does not automatically mean that they are affiliated with terrorist organizations. In fact, the majority of these refugees are fleeing the unstable environment created by those terrorist groups. After living through hardships firsthand, Syrian refugees may be more likely to oppose such violence as much as those in other countries. It may be true that some terrorists could sneak into other countries by posing as innocent refugees, but such a situation is so unlikely that it would be ethically wrong, in my opinion, to attack the entire group of people.

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