• Readers are Leaders

    I believe books are way better than gaming. Books challenge us to stay focus and overcome our procrastination. Most of the time we procrastinate reading a book over a video game, Because some of us think that games are better at explaining a concept for example how the World War II started etc. That is the easy way out, There is no 'challenge' to that, Well maybe a bit in terms of recognising the characters and understanding what happened during the past. But when you're reading a book, You're connecting with the author, There is a level of difficulty in reading a book, Most of us can't even get past page 10. But once we finish the book, We know how fulfilling it is, And that is why, Books reward us with a more 'growth-centered' approach at learning a concept. That is true growth that could mould some of us into leaders. Focus.

  • Books are awesome

    I used to hate books. When I was little my eyes were bad and I hated reading. Now I love it. Books are the best thing that has ever happened to me. My first full series was Harry Potter in 6th grade. Now I have read so many different series that I have lost count. Books are totally better than video games.

  • Playing Games Is Better

    Games has videos and pictures , which is something that can tell you more than a thousand words. If you play a game about world war 2, it can explain the conflict by short films or by playing it through, but books. Cannot show the emotions as well as a film. Books can tell details, but it takes longer to learn from them. If you want to learn about how Nazis survived through the cold weathers in germany and in other places of europe, ten play a video game. You will learn in a bout 2 hours in a video game, but it will take you a week or two to get all details and characters into your mind and memory.

  • Books are the gateway to knowledge

    Knowledge keeps us moving forward and ensures that we do not repeat actions that failed in the past. Games are good way to learn, depending on the game and the situation, but reading is an intricate part of life. Games should be kept for entertainment unless they are learning games used for those that require a more creative way of learning.

  • We shold read books.

    Games are a good way to have fun , but they are not educational. In fact, many games promote violence. It's important for children to focus on their studies when they are young. The world is becoming a lot more competitive, and our children need to study now more than ever.

  • Yes, books are amazing.

    I am not anti-gaming and there are some excellent benefits to gaming. I had to choose one option and of the two options I believe that reading is the better option. You can learn literally anything from reading a book. You can also explore worlds that would be extremely difficult to replicate visually, but very simple to imagine in your mind while you are reading.

  • Books are fun and you can make a movie in your mind

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