• Mental Illness or laziness. Yes we judge. Everytime we set foot in a person's home we judge. Naysayers, get over yourselves! You have already judged!

    It's a fact that society judges other people all of the time, no matter the subject. Morbidly obese people are judged as sloths and ridden with laziness, rejecting excercise. A person running with a crowd of druggies is judged a druggie too. Society also judges a person based on how they keep their home. They just do! All of us! Hoarding judging as a topic because yes, we do! We think, they are messy, lazy, even stretching to assume mental illness. We can feel sorry for them, see them as good people etc. But we still have noted and judged that yes, this person is messey, this person is overly fond of items, there must be a mental illness behind this. The point is, yes, we can judge hoarders because we've already done it by simply labeling the spectacle itself. You see hoarding, you know it. I don't care how nice the person may be. Judging completed.

  • Yes we should

    People who hoard most likely have a mental illness. They are effecting everyone around them. These people need help so they can live a better life, and make the lives of the people around them better. Everyone has the right to judge others.... We do it every time we see somebody.

  • Freedom of speech.

    That's all I need to make this claim, but I still need 37 more words so I guess I'll have to go into more detail.

    I'm kind of a slight hoarder myself to be honest. I just can't part with things (hence why I only buy what I absolutely need anymore). We have every right to judge hoarders. While it's not exactly the nicest, depriving rights would start more civil wars.

  • Hoarding affects others

    Simply put you are affecting your neighbors and family members with health risks and decreases in property value. If the hoarder is in an apartment, they can burn down the entire complex because of negligence . They attract rodents that will affect other people, mold can run rampant and go through the walls to other peoples homes.

    Yes you can judge people for affecting others and it needs to be resolved.

  • People should be able to live how they want

    People should be able to keep as much junk as they want and they should be allowed to have a messy house. A lot of people now say that hoarding is a disease. There is even a show on television about hoarding. I go to peoples houses all the time as I am a home health nurse. Lots of the people I visit have messy homes and they are all regular people. I think having a messy home is more normal than having an extremely clean home. I can see how having a lot of junk can be dangerous but I don't see why it is so shocking to people that they think having a messy house is a disease.

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