Should we really care about the "mystery girl" Ed Sheeran was seen kissing in Las Vegas?

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  • No, we should not care about Ed Sheeran kissing a "mystery girl".

    The general public should not care about who Ed Sheeran was seen kissing in Las Vegas. Just because people are celebrities does not give the entire world a free pass to be involved in their personal lives. He should be able to kiss ten mystery girls in one evening if that is his wish, and no one should blink an eye, because it isn't anyone's business.

  • No reason to

    This obsession with who celebrities are dating is a complete waste of time. Whoeever Ed Sheeran was kissing, it's nobody's business but theirs. If the public would stop demanding to know every last thing about celebrities, maybe it would stop the paparazzi from harassing people to get photographs. It would certainly leave the public with time to do something more constructive!

  • No, we should not care about the mystery girl Ed Sheeran was kissing.

    While artists often love to perform in the spotlight, we should let them live their private lives without judging and wondering about their every move. Who was this girl? Is she his girlfriend, now that he has split from his long-time love Athina? Perhaps she was someone he had just met and never saw again. It really is none of our business anyway.

  • No, we should not care.

    Everyone wants to be so wrapped up in celebrities it is sick. I don't even know who Ed Sheeran is, nor do I care. I certainly do not care who he kissed in Vegas. I have my own life to worry about, no point worrying about some guy and some girl who were seen kissing.

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