Should we really need to stop blaming video games on school shooting ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes. People just needs something to put the blame on, and video games was their choice.

    There's really no concrete proof that violent video games are the main causes of school shootings. In my opinion, the main causes of school shootings are:

    1. The child's upbringing. This is self-explanatory. This doesn't apply to all children because I know some kids who grew up without any parents that doesn't do foolish things. But most children are more likely to do crimes if they weren't raised properly or if they were raised the wrong way. There's this video of 2 women fighting each other where the other woman tells her child to hit the woman she's fighting.

    2. Bullying. Bullying makes children/teenagers feel a lot of emotions. Mostly, frustration, anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, etc. And these emotion clouds reason.

    3. Drugs. Because drugs nullifies your ability to think rationally.

  • Yes,scapegoat need to stop

    According to the US.Secret.Service and US.Education.Department store report says that 1/8 (12 %) of shooters interest in violent video game which is far less than movies and books.They didn't find any link between video game and school shooting.Scapegoat on video game has to stop sometimes.I wish it will stop soon.

  • Correlation is simply not proved. Violent kids would have played violent games, as would non-violent kids. It makes no difference.

    As violent video games rise, school shootings are really not affected. In NZ, there are no school shootings. We still have violent video games. People still ignore age ratings here. Yet we have no shootings. So clearly, it's some other factor. Whatever it is, the relationship between video games and school shootings is laughable a best, and at worst a lie made up by parents sick of their kids playing video games all the time.

  • If anything, we need to move on...

    Social media is the new hot topic. Everyone who's everyone is on. This means that, hey, that embarrassing photo? Well, guess what just showed up on the world wide web!
    The stress from things like that cause infinitely more lunatics that violent games.
    Another thing would be medication, but that's a whole different story.

  • Just an assertion

    I think it has been popularized that violent video games cause aggression in children. I think its complete gibberish as everybody who plays knows that its only a game and its not appropriate in the real world. Why don't you try giving a gun in a kid's hands? I can assure that the kid would probably drop it and run. Rather, the school shooting occurs due to the real environment the child grows up in. If you grew up in a district known for crime, even a grave crime doesn't seem so serious? For example- so many countries face the issue of rape but now when we read the newspapers seeing a rape article doesn't seem so disturbing and not all of us even glance at it. The truth is that the child grows up thinking its okay to shoot 'cause I saw an elder guy do it. We should ponder upon our own doings rather than playing the blame game and dumping the blame on a damn video game. There is a dire need for self realization. Maybe the game introduces the concept in a kid's mind but humans are the ones who make it look correct. Maybe the game is bad but a child wouldn't attempt using a gun if society despised and punished such crimes very harshly.
    In some countries, crime rates are so low because if you pick-pocket you get death(exaggeration). Impose such a system if you really want to see less of the school shootouts happening. I beg all of you to propose.

  • The usual excuse

    They always blame video games, if they stop and think about all the other murders, were those people all gamers then? I don't think so.
    I play shooter games since the age of 8, I'm 31 now and to this day I have never held a gun in my hand. If a family owns a gun and your kid knows about it, who's going to be blamed if it's misused, the video games or yourself? Let's stop this farce already.

  • Using a weapon in a game is not the same as real life

    Video games don't make you better at shooting a gun or any weapons as there is a big difference between using a controller and an actual gun. People just keep blaming a still young form of entertainment instead of looking into the real cause it's tiring to hear and shows how ignorent some people can be

  • The good old games

    When Pac-Man was popular did you see a bunch of gluttonous children running rampant through the streets? Do you see kids jumping on turtles, eating colorful mushrooms and smashing their heads through bricks? Although there may have been a spike of increase in turtle homicides, the increase is too subtle to be worried about.
    Despite how much richer Nerf is thanks to modern games, it doesn't mean it's inspiring too many kids to commit horrible acts.

  • Yes,somehow it has to end

    Those criminal(school shooter)they are sick in their brain beforehand.So even if they do not play violent games,they would start shooting rampage at schools anyway.It's better that they should receive treatment as soon as possible before their tendencies and aliments get out of their hand.And next thing,we should have more gun control.

  • Yes,we should stop

    Video game sale is avaible worldwide not only in the US.Some countries has much higher consumption of media violence than the US such as South Korea and Japan.But there is no school shooting happen over there.School shooting has happen before the release of violent games,and the main cause is poor mental health treatment and gun avaibility.

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