• They are humans

    Unless you can give me evidence that "trannies" have more of a chance of committing mass atrocities, Why shouldn't we? Any argument against them are likely part of some religious doctrine and not any reasonable evidence.

    "Trannies" are not any less human than a cys, Straight, White human. If you vote "NO" on this, Grow up and realize there are people different from you.

  • I genuinely cannot understand how people can be so unhappy and stuck up that they can have this opinion.

    I guess you haven't met the right people to understand how horrific it feels for people who are transgender to not be able to be their true selves. Being a 'trannie' is not an illness for god's sake! Just because you don't understand something does not make it okay to say the horrific things you say!

  • We don't have to agree, But we should be able to coexist.

    I'm pretty conservative, And I believe that your gender is the one assigned to you at birth. I do have friends who are transgender and they know my views and don't mind that I refer to them as their biological pronouns because that's what I believe in. Just as they have their beliefs, I have mine. Just because we have different views doesn't mean we can't still get along.

  • We should never ever tolerate them.

    Trannies are probably THE most disgusting creatures ever. They severly mutilate themselves only so they can jerk off to themselves and get into womens spaces such as bathrooms.

    I think we should put anyone who expresses trans ideological sentiments on immediate therapy. And if that doesn't work euthanize them. So we won't have to deal with these criminal degenerates.

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  • No we should NOT tolerate trannys

    Thinking that you're the opposite sex is a delusion symptomatic of severe mental illness. These people should be treated for their illness. They should not be enabled into believing their delusions are true. Society needs to stop trying to normalize this behavior. It's even more egregious when children are encouraged to normalize this disgusting behavior.

  • Well, Yes and no

    I mean, Being transgender is a mental illness so we should tolerate their existence but we shouldn't feed into their fantasies. We should simply preach that trans people are mentally ill and give them mental help to help cure their illness. Gender dysphoria in itself is curable, In my opinion, And should be treated accordingly!

  • They are an attack on women and civilization

    They are disgusting trash who are taking over women sports, Get themselves into women prisons, Bathrooms, Locker rooms etc.
    They are absolutely ridiculous telling us that all they need is to identify as some gender and they are it. They claim that science supports them and at the same time whine that the doctors are "misgendering" them. I would say the doctors know better about science than that crazy group. They come wish some insane things like that "gender that is assigned at birth" or a straight man should still find a trans woman attractive even though "she" has a dick.
    They are attacking and witch hunting women who try to defend themselves from them. It is time to get together and destroy that mentally sick demographic to protect ourselves.

  • Mental Illness isn't a lifestyle

    It breaks my heart that men or women feel mentally ill enough to transition into something they'll never be. From my own viewpoint, Having wandered through that sector of "personalities" depicted on various social media online, To actors, Actresses, And other other celebrities- one by one they've all shown their true colors over time. Whether that is through inane, Often limited understanding of the world, Or drug problems, Or eventual suicide or even criminal acts, They've all become the worst image of themselves.

    Transexuals are not a minority, They represent of a minority of people with serious mental health issues that are not being helped in our country, And from what I've read its the worst in the United States where corporations and people exploit, Manipulate and abuse them like they're animals in a circus whose mere existence is only for other's entertainment.

    I can't think of anything more depressing than growing up not knowing who you are, Getting surgery to pretend you're something your not, And then becoming so disillusioned by reality that you start to believe you've somehow made the right decision in your life.

  • They offer nothing to humanity.

    We should be more focused on eradicating nature pollution and bringing quality education and birth control to african and indian communities, Not waste time with some spoiled rotten mentally ill millenials who want to spice their life by putting on skirts and cutting off their genitals and taking hormones like drugs addicts take their smack.

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anc2006 says2020-03-27T16:47:31.903
The image shown really gave a worse reputation for transgender individuals than they actually are.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-03-27T21:50:01.460
That thing is actually a very Accuarate representation of trannies as a whole.

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