Should we recognize March 9th as Women's Day?

Asked by: AJRoss
  • Yes we should

    Women's Day is not about man hating and it does not create a larger gap between genders. It is a way for women and men alike to remember the history of women's oppression and also to spread awareness about the oppression of women in the Eastern World. Women in the Western World often forget how lucky they have it compared to the majority of women in the world and I believe it's important to recognize that.

    However, I don't think that March 10th as Women's HIV awareness day is necessary. I think we should just have December 1st HIV awareness day for men and women.

  • Yes, it should be recognized

    First, as far as I understand, pursuant to Encyclopedias Definition Woman's Day is an International Day being celebrated across the world. With that being said, March 9th is already a recognized, and an official day for woman. The question is, "Should we recognize March 9th as Women's Day." My answer would be, "yes". Woman are symbol for harmony and unity in this world. If Valentines Day is being celebrated, then why Woman's Day should not be recognized? Woman's Day is a time for everyone to take a moment and step backward to think of the impact woman play in their lives. They could be a mother, a sister, a wife, or a friend. Woman are gifts given to us by the creator, we must value them and celebrate their day.

  • Isn't there already an International Woman's Day?

    I think that we already have the days in place to recognize the continuing oppression of women across the world. Women's rights is very important, but I believe that we already have the institutions and days for women in order to do the best to help women. Of course we must encourage women's equality.

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