• People abuse the system.

    People in a town not so far away from me offer have the amount of cash for what the food stamp is worth. The people than use this to buy things like drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. This is an obvious problem. I think people should be tested to see if they are using it correctly.

  • No, Many Deserving Americans Would Go Hungry

    While much of the economy is in recovery, some Americans are still left out.
    The uneducated, the drug-addicted and the mentally ill are unlikely to find
    adequate jobs in any economy. Some people have not found a good job
    because they live in an area of the country where there is little work. Others
    have small children or other family members they must care for. A certain
    segment of the population will always be poor, though its members are as
    deserving as any other Americans. Reducing these people’s food stamps
    will force them to go hungry.

  • We should not reduce food stamps

    There are several reasons why we should not reduce food stamps. Among them are the following: the economy remains stagnant, and there are literally millions of people living in America who simply cannot support themselves, who cannot provide a decent living for themselves and their children. It would be inhumane to reduce there ability to provide adequate nutrition to themselves and their children. Food stamps are a relatively inexpensive way to provide minimal assistance to those in need. Food stamps help the economy as a whole by allowing the poor to have their basic needs provided for, so that they can use whatever other resources available to them to contribute to the economy as a whole.

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