• Yes, we should.

    In my perfect world everyone would get an equal cut of everything as a base "salary" to say, or as a right. Whatever you want to call it. Then, on top of that, we all would have the chance to earn whatever else we want to on top of this.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe everyone agrees that resource distribution should be balanced between nations, but no one agrees on what is fair or balanced. We can all say that we don't want people to be hungry in other nations, but there again, we can't agree what the right process is to resolve this problem. It's not that we don't believe they should be fixed, it's the fact no one every agrees.

  • No,thats not going to happen

    I have no clue how you would even be able to do something like this. Its not practical to think this can happen, and everyone has something someone else wants. You can't assume that the world is going to be a equal place, its always going to be a "have and have not" planet.

  • World peace without world piece.

    Resources are a big factor for the possible economic output of a country. Less developed countries in the middle-east would suffer greatly if they were forced to distribute their oil resources among the rest of the world. Distributing resources, but not having equal access to other factors of economic output, such as technology, or education, will only serve to imbalance the scales even further.

  • That's impossible and impractical.

    No, I don't think we really need to work on reducing resource distribution imbalances between nations. Look, folks, life is not fair. Through some cruel roll of the dice you might end up being born and raised in the First World, or in the Third World. And there's just no way to balance that out be redistributing resources.

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