Should we reduce the amount of cursing in movies?

  • No kids cursing

    Kids like to curse a lot now adays like the f word and lots of themt t h f j d j d h d h dh d h d h rfh f f g fg gh dh gf gf hg fh gf h h h h d j jd j

  • Would you want your kid saying these words around the house?

    Picture this. You have a five year old child who had recently gone with you to a movie that you wanted to see. The movie had quite a few cuss words in it, but you thought nothing of it. A little later on, that child gets mad at you for something you have grounded them from, and they cuss you out. Do we really want this?

  • Cleaner Mouths! Happier People!

    I think that people shouldn't have so many curse words in movies because, I think if it is a good movie and story plot I don't think it needs cursing. Because all your doing is dirtying up your mind and Others minds too. If you Have a movie and it is really good and has a good moral then it does not need profanity and harsh sayings. I am not judging people who curse i just don't think they should do is so much. Because when you curse you bring that upon your children and it cause them to act as though you do.

  • I think not.

    It adds intensity in a film which is usually VERY great. A notable mention is the movie "Prisoners" in which I think the cursing was precise. Without it, it wouldn't be as serious and realistic. Face it.. People curse in real life. Movies are, a lot of the time, trying to be realistic. Without cursing, it can sort of be hard to.

  • Will it be more entertainting ?

    Movies with Hardcore topic to deal with, i.E; Slavery/Drugs/Mafia/Sexuality . Can you imagine the world of those without cursing words?? They live with those cursing word everyday. And movies tries to depict those scenarios in the Reel-Life. And you are concern about your kids. Please check whether the Movie is PG rated or not!

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