Should we regard any particular individual as a hero in the modern age?

  • People are heroes

    People are heroes, and people act heroic all the time. There is no set time period that produced heroes at any point of time in history. People today, however, might believe they are a hero for doing things like taking care of their kids o something like that - otherwise known as responsibilities.

  • Heroes Still Exist

    Without a doubt, heroes still exist in the world today. There's no reason that we should give up on the idea of the hero today. Heroes make themselves known on a regular basis by engaging in courageous acts or similar acts. With that in mind, heroes definitely still exist now.

  • Even today there are heroes.

    Every age has individuals that can be considered heroes.It does not matter whether there are wars or other serious events or not going on, a hero can be considered an everyday person in an everyday situation that is courageous enough to put themselves out to another person in need that they happen to meet.

  • Yes, people like Nelson Mandela.

    Most of the people we call heroes today are not that at all but are rather celebrities. The true heroes rarely get the press and fame that the others who are just famous for being famous get. But people like Nelson Mandela, who suffer for the cause of freedom, should be our role models.

  • We should regard some individuals as heros in the modern age.

    There are people in the modern world who deserve to be considered heroes. For example, Nelson Mandela was lauded as a hero for good reason. There are a lot of people in the world today who do a lot of good work, and it is acceptable to treat them with praise.

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