Should We Regulate Other Country's Business Safety If It Endangers The General Public?

  • Yes, we should regulate other the safety of other countries

    Being that we are the strongest nation in terms of security, we should take it upon ourselves to ensure the safety of other countries should the general public become endangered. The reasoning behind it is this: if we don't regulate other country's business safety, who will? I believe that if we do not do it, no one else will.

  • Without special circumstances, it's not a good idea

    If the business practices of other countries endanger our citizens, then we can regulate by limiting imports. If there is a greater threat that doesn't just deal with goods, for example a neighboring country's chemical waste contaminating our air or water, then it makes sense to step in, since the threat is spreading beyond their borders. But by the same token, we wouldn't want other countries doing the same to us, so any action needs to be taken with good cause.

  • No reason to

    Why should we spend more taxpayer money on other countries. It's none of our business and we shouldn't be over budding into some other countries mess. We should spend that money on the American people that work hard and deserve to see it. No offense but we just need to stay out of everyone and their business.

  • Business Safety Endangerment

    We should not regulate other country's business safety. If another country tried to do that to us the result would not be pleasant and we would not appreciate so why should we do it to another country. We have enough to worry about with our own safety than worrying about others.

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