• The Draft can reinvigorate the youth.

    Today's youth do not care about the war and military as much as the founding fathers. The only reason today that keeps the soldiers coming is finance and their money problems. They need money so they have got to get a way. Joining the army is the answer these days. There is no morale, but a draft will involve the people and encourage devotion and respect towards the nation.

  • This country needs dicipline.

    This country needs more dicipline and work, and the best and most effective way to do this is to reinstate the draft. This would be effective because service would be done to the nation, and because of military dicipline, drafted veterans would make good citizens. Thus, the draft should be reinstated.

  • We need the draft

    No problem is more serious in our armed forces than recruitment and retention. Even without such personnel shortages, the services are too understrength to meet the needs of the post-Cold War era. The only way to resolve these problems is to bring back the draft. It is time to construct a conscription system that will both reinvigorate the citizen soldier and properly compensate the career force.

  • Service builds citizenship - Reinstate the draft for ALL citizens, male and female ...

    A volunteer military has resulted in a disproportionately low number of Americans serving in the military. As of 2012, PEW research indicated only .5% of the American public served in the military. This certainly takes the Citizen out of the Citizen-Soldier ideal. There is a chasm between the military and civilian populace that needs to close. Young people of all socio-economic backgrounds need to understand the sacrifice of service. I served the USMC. There needs to be a service requirement (military or civilian) for all capable young people between 18-26 of at least 18 months.

  • A volunteer force is more effective.

    In the battle of Thermopylae 300 Spartans battled against over 10,000 Persians, most know that the Spartans won. How could they do this? Because they were ruthless and powerful yes, but above all they had faith in their cause and faith in their fellow soldiers. If you draft a person into a fight that is not theirs, they will resist and be less effective.
    However, if a person volunteers for a fight that is not theirs, they can and will fight to the best of their ability. You see, a volunteer will fight because that is what they want to do, a draftee will resist because that is what they want to do. A soldier will do great things if he wants to fight for what he believes in

  • We should not reinstate the draft

    In World War 1 the selective service drafted 24 million soldiers. Of these 24 million only 17 million passed the physical and mental tests. Of the 17 million more than 8 million soldiers paid their way out leaving less than 9 million people in the military. For these reasons we should not have a draft

  • Down with the draft

    Military service should be voluntary. It should be up to the individual if he/she wants to join the armed forces, not the government. The draft infringes upon our right to choose our own career paths. I personally have no desire to be in the armed forces, I mistrust the infrastructure.

  • No we should not reinstate the draft.

    Although the draft did do its job back in the day, it was not right to call people away from their families without giving them the option to choose. We have progressed in society where now people are willing to volunteer, and we should not step on others rights by forcing them to join.

  • No, do not reinstate the draft.

    I feel that reinstating the draft will do nothing except give the government 'easy' opportunities to go to war without having to worry about manpower. I think the military is needed obviously, but I think we have plenty of voluntary servicemen and women at this time. I don't think anyone should be forced to kill, or fight in a war.

  • No, we should not reinstate the draft.

    It should be a citizen's choice if they want to join the military, not the federal government's. People of older generation who were drafted into wars, will warn you against reinstating this protocol. It isn't fair for many people to be forced to fight in wars they may not support morally or financially.

  • Definitely should not

    I don't even understand why this is a question considering it's not needed, there are more than enough people willing to fill the boots whether out of having no other options or genuinely wanting to pursue that career field. The draft is an absolute last resort measure and should be treated as such.

  • No we should not reinstate the draft

    No, I do not think that we should reinstate the draft, and that forcing people to join the military goes against their rights' as afforded by the constitution. There seems to be more than enough people joining the military nowadays and with no major military conflicts, a draft is not needed.

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