• Why the hell not

    I mean theres no reason not to..Imagine how fun it would be. Like how many of those damn vietnamese could we wipe away. A clean slate for nthose sick monsters/ those abominations. They are scum. Ive had orgasms more exciting than there lives. No way we shouldnt have another war.

  • American Redemption in Vietnam

    We know now how to fight the regime and topple it. The communists have ruined Vietnam and they certainly shouldn't get away with it. When America left the Viet Cong continued the war illegally and they took advantage of American appeasement. The older Viet Cong vets should be given the justice that they deserve.

  • We must liberate them.

    When we first entered Vietnam we went their with high hopes to free the civilians living in the oppressed country but the communist countries saw that if Vietnam fell there would be another challenge for them to fight off so for THEIR benefit they turned it into a play I was extremely disappointed to hear that the U.S was gong in to pull out cause the 60,000 lives hadn't died for nothing they were their to achieve victory this wasn't the latest gta 5 in which you kill a bunch of people and then just go bed if nothing happened, WE MUST AVENGE THEM. Saying its not our fight or our business is not an excuse, if you see someone in hurt or being harmed on the street you don't just walk by and say oh their not fitting us so who cares you help them our get help. They are our brothers and sisters and we must HELP.

  • America has bigger things to worry about.

    Vietnam, Despite being a communist country, Is okay now. Nearly all the scars from the Vietnam War have healed and the nation is doing fine with its limited capitalist system. Better to just focus on the future, Not the past.

    Besides, There are other things to worry about, Like China. Believe it or not, Things went sour between Vietnam and China over ideological differences and they went to war. Even today, China is still showing aggression that threatens its Southeast Asian neighbors. It is therefore imperative that the US comes to Vietnam's aid to roll back Chinese aggression in the region.

    If you're still in favor of invading Vietnam again, Then you're a bloodthirsty jingoist.

  • Invasion no, but political, financial, and military support to Vietnamese democracy groups? YES.

    * Despite the majority of the Vietnamese people, inside and outside the country, who despise the current communist dictatorship and want it replaced by a democratic gov't, an invasion by any country would not be supported and the people would just align themselves with the regime and fight the invaders, for the sake of "saving the homeland" and fighting for independence. Even during the early stages of the Vietnam War in anti-communist South Vietnam, their 1st president Ngo Dinh Diem had repeatedly refused U.S. military intervention and U.S. troops coming in, and refused being a US puppet, to the point that JFK wanted Diem gone and ordered the CIA to (successfully) remove him.
    I must also add that under Diem, the War was at its minimal compared to any other time during the War - Viet Cong insurgency was minimal, Saigon's governance extended to almost all of S Vietnam and there was public order, civilians didn't need to flee the fighting, and there's rapid economic growth (5-12% GDP growth per annum 1955 - 1962ish). Diem's eradication of communists was effective - even internal North Vietnamese gov't memos acknowledged 9 OF 10 Viet Cong was killed/imprisoned by Diem.

    *The U.S., as they've demonstrated in the VN War, Iraq War and Afghanistan War, the Americans' will to fight and support for the war will diminish after a few years of fighting. If the US is not willing to fight a war until the very end (total victory or total defeat), they should not militarily intervene in the first place. Look at South Vietnam, the Americans opposed the War that they once supported, many hippies even supported N Vietnam, forcing their troops to withdraw and cutting aid to Saigon, causing the South to fall to the communist North, and then 1.5 - 3 million refugees (Boat People) end up fleeing the new communist dictatorship (political & economic conditions were no different than N Korea). U.S. abandonment of S Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos caused governments to fall to communists, leading to a bloodbath reign of new communist dictatorships - look at the Killing Fields under the Khmer Rouge and millions forced to labor camps in VN and Laos! Look at Iraq - increased ciaos and instability when Obama and Kerry cut-and-run from there.

    *Last point: the US politically supporting Vietnamese democracy groups on the world stage, providing financial and military aid (in form of weapons , military supplies and vehicles - NOT TROOPS), will be a lasting solution. Vietnamese will support indigenously-led democratic change.

    Posted by: Viet

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