Should we reject amnesty but increase legal immigration?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Simplify the immigration process.

    If you are not a criminal, and if you have ways of paying for living in the United States (so you don't have to rely on welfare), you should be allowed to come into the United States.

    However, the people who have come into the US illegally broke the law. They should be allowed to have a path to legal residency, but there should be numerous restrictions and no public benefits (Welfare).

  • What should happen is simple

    A) More border security. It doesn't necessarily have to be a fence, but it should work so that it is very, very hard to cross the border illegally. Protect towns, cities, and Americans near the border from criminals.
    B) Put illegals in the back of the line. They broke the law, and should be placed behind every single person who is trying to come in the right way. Kick out any illegals who have committed serious crimes. Kick out any illegals who have a history of serious crimes in another country.
    C) Fix the immigration system. People want to come in legally, but it is very hard to do so. Don't loosen the standards, but make it easier for qualified people to enter.

    Posted by: TN05
  • It's the most realistic solution

    Granting amnesty is rewarding people for breaking the law. Still there are many people waiting in line and the amount of time it can take is horrendously long, sometimes upwards of 20 years. Those people deserve to be here, people who just sneak across do not. Furthermore accusations that these people "take our jobs" are highly exaggerated. At the very least for those who legally immigrate since they are then legally protected they can make enough money to be consumers and contribute to the economy and are more likely to send their kids to college and thus contribute to a generation of contributing members of our society.

    I'm not saying we should abolish the quota system but we should increase the number of people legally allowed to immigrate (after they go through all the security checks and health checks to prevent contagious diseases of course) and simultaneously reject amnesty and not allow people in when it's clear they had illegally immigrated in before.

    However wrong the difficulty of being approved for legal immigration incentives illegal immigration. It's still wrong though so no amnesty should be granted. Instead we should make it easier for those who did the right thing and refused to break the law to immigrate and harder for those who cheated in the past to immigrate.

    By promoting legal immigration while clamping down on illegal immigration we can make it clear this is about promoting a lawful, orderly immigration system and NOT about race. If the movement against illegal immigration more often also promoted an expansion of legal immigration it would also be easier to keep racists from joining groups involved in the movement.

    Along with this we need to address the issue of outsourcing. Thanks to outsourcing companies will give our jobs away to people who need not even set a foot inside America and it will be far worse than if those people were instead in America LEGALLY. And if we address outsourcing the amount that legal immigrants contribute to society as consumers and producers would increase since more of their money would be going to pay American companies and American workers.

  • Reject amnesty "and" legal immigration!

    This boat is FULL. It was full 30 years ago. We don't NEED any more immigrants, legal or illegal. Millions of Americans are out of work and you want to give their potential jobs to foreigners? What a disgrace. We need a 10 year moratorium on ALL IMMIGRATION or this country is finished.

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