• The most versatile instrument ever invented.

    For one thing, a piano can play Baroque fugues, but a harpsichord would not be able to play a Romantic etude. The violin is a great solo instrument, but even a violin often requires piano accompaniment, e.g. Beethoven violin sonatas. A piano is unique in that it can produce a wide variety of effects as a solo instrument. From the turbulence in The Tempest, to the tranquility in some of Chopin's nocturnes; from the most musically complex of Baroque fugues (like the Art of Fugue), to the most technically demanding of modernist music (like Prokofiev). A piano soloist can often produce what would otherwise take a string quartet or something to make.

  • Important contribution to society

    The invention of the piano was an important contribution to society and the arts. With out this instrument there would be no Beethoven or Bach. Some of mans most beautiful achievement have taken place because of the invention of the piano. The person who had the vision to create such a device deserves some level of reverence.

  • Inventor of the piano should definitely be recognized and appreciated

    The piano is an extremely iconic and influential musical instrument, so it is certainly appropriate to remember its inventor. The piano is and I believe will continue to be important and irreplaceable. Personally, I am very appreciative that Bartolomeo Cristofori invented this masterpiece. I believe that he should be recognized more than he has often been.

  • It is very important to remember

    It is very important to remember. Although the piano is rarely thought of outside of concerts and music venues, the piano is an important part of the history of the world's inventions. At one time a piano was one of the main forms of entertainment. A few hundred years ago families who could afford a piano would gather 'round one for the night's entertainment.

  • There is No Proof as to Who Invented the Piano

    An Italian by the name of Bartolomeo Cristofori is considered to be the inventor of the piano. However, sources disagree as to whether or not he invented them. The actual date that the piano was invented is not recorded. Furthermore, stringed and similar instruments already existed at this time in history. For these reasons, it is my opinion that we should not be concerned about remembering who invented the piano.

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