• He does not debate.

    I forgot to sign in to my previous post, But he just posted a donald duck joke and said if someone threw an object someone would say donald duck. Thats not even a proper debate topic. I told him it would be donald, Duck instead of donald duck. Then he was just mean and say i should not be giving grammar lessons

    Please vote for the debate. It is the only debate on my profile,

  • He does not even debate

    Debate. Org was meant to be a website to debate, Not post jokes. He posted a joke saying if somebody threw an object at the president he would say donald duck. First of all, He is the one arguing jokes. I correct him saying its not donald duck and its actually donald, Duck. Then he was just being mean saying i should not give grammar lessons.

    Here is the debate. Please vote

    https://bit. Ly/3f1yTPA

  • Yes. Without A Doubt.

    Not only does he waste people's time with his very bias jokes, But doesn't even argue. All he does is make debates with him saying "Donald Duck" He doesn't even argue. Which kind of ruins the point, Don't ya think? He just wants to make a point. The only problem is, He doesn't know how.

  • Why are you hating

    First of all how would you plan to "remove" him? Go to his house and ask nicely? The mods on this website don't care about his actions since he has made a huge amount of debates with no issue. Also his Donald Duck joke was so funny and made me laugh.

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