Should we remove "Under God" from the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance?

Asked by: Crypton
  • Wasn't in there originally

    The phrase under god was added as an after thought 50 years after it was created by a baptist minister during the cold war as a thumb in the eye of the atheistic commies. . Communism is pretty much dead and maybe it time to allow god to die a natural death too, If you believe in god fine more power to you, Just don't force others to believe as you do

  • See the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion. . " The intent of the framers was to make a form of government free of the tyranny of kings and churches that would enable the individual citizen to pursue the knowledge of nature through science that enabled technology and human progress and betterment of individuals (pursuit of life, Liberty, And happiness) and hence civilization. Religion was to remain in the individual realm because it based understanding of nature on a belief in "god" and not on knowledge obtained by curiosity and the study of nature that was expanding knowledge and propelling change for the betterment of all. Religion is tied to the past; science to the present and future.

  • Either remove it or add all religions

    It's a bad idea to mix government and belief systems. People have the right to freedom, Thought and religion; government should not encroach on this right. The best way to stay out of peoples beliefs is to be tolerant and inclusive of everyone. So an inclusive Pledge of Allegiance would be one that either:
    1) includes a statement of all religions, Which would be near to impossible and would be ridiculous to say
    2) or, Just don't include any religions at all

  • It seems appropriate.

    The pledge was modified to force solidarity during the cold war, In much the same way that our currency was changed to take advantage of the religious undercurrent of the US. It shouldn't have been changed and it should be changed back, Setting aside the fact the pledge is creepy anyway.

    Religion and government should be oil and water, Anyone who thinks differently ignores history and has less than stellar long term thinking skills.

  • It should be removed

    Due to the Freedom of religion, We have the right to not believe in religion, And sense I'm Atheist I find it a good idea to remove it. Regardless if America was founded by Christians, America should care about Atheists and other religions, That's my beliefs about the topic at hand.

  • It was only there because of McCarthyism.

    It was added during the time of McCarthyism when people thought Atheism equaled Communism. But that seems unfair nowadays. There are many Atheists and many other religions that don't agree with the Christan god. We're not get rid of it to spite all Christians, We're saying get rid of it to appreciate the other Americans that don't believe the same. The pledge is something that is said every day in some schools. That seems unfair to force God on youths.

  • This Is Stupid lol

    The way this works is for the religious people is that since they believe in a higher power they say under God in a literal sense. And the people who don't believe say under God in a sense based on the idea of God. Anyways it is reported that 80% of Americans believe in God anyways, So why should we change a long tradition just so the small minority will feel comfortable?

  • I shake my head to this.

    Why on earth would we change our pledge we have known for so long? Our pledge is what is special and to me it is special. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, And to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible, With liberty and justice for all. " this is our pledge i say every day in my high school class room. I stand up and i say this and i believe in it, I always have. And if i know kids the way i do most say it just to say it to get it over with. Many might not believe in the christian god but that god exists and you can't please both sides, Don't take away that part of the pledge, It is special.

  • This nation was founded on christian beliefs.

    The U. S. Was created and founded in christian beliefs. We made the national anthem to show other nations what we believe in. If you don't like it, Leave! We didn't make America so that people with hurt feelings can change the way we've been doing things for centuries. The forefathers knew what they were doing when they signed the Deceleration of Independence and when they wrote the pledge of allegiance.

  • No we should not.

    We should in fact add an alternative pledge that could be said. This would not interfere with anything. Or those non-religious people who are uncomfortable saying it should just skip that part with a moment of silence or just say it like we have been for many years.

  • One Nation Under God

    The U. S. A. , A nation and government was founded and built on Christian and biblical beliefs. Read what George Washington and our forefathers said about this country.
    In 1776 every European American identified being a Christian. A large percentage, If not the majority of the "colonists" considered themselves Protestants. The U. S. Was created and founded in christian beliefs. The National Anthem declares to other nations what we believe in, Who we stand for. Who are God is, Who gave us our freedom, Our liberty and in that it's justice for "ALL. " All peoples

  • Its all live grown up to know

    First, I am a Christian youth, And I believe that Under God should not be taken out from the Pledge of allegiance. My first point in this debate is that The United States was created so that people could worship God how they saw fit instead of everyone being told how to worship from the British government. Second, There are different "Gods" for different religions, Like Muhammad for Islam, Jesus for Christianity, And Budda for Buddhism. Finally, It is all that many younger Americans know and have grown up with. Its the anthem that my younger generation rallies behind when we feel a surge of nationalism for our country. The iteration of the Pledge of Allegiance that is here today should stay the same.

  • I say no

    I say no because God made us and this world and he made us unique and he can take us out of the world. The flag stands for freedom and they can't take that away. Men died and sacrificed their lives for us, And God helped them through those wars.

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