• Way too outdated.

    The Constitution is nearly driving us extremist over our traditional values and yet its so outdated. In fact, the constitution was written by slave owners. Times have changed. We can defend ourselves without having the power to end a life in the matter of seconds. When we look at the reasons we want guns its mostly for fun rage or paranoia and how do any of these prove the mental stability to own that weapon in the first place? Sure you can kill anyone will practically anything but that's different from having absolute control of someones life within seconds.

  • A 200 year old document can't possibly be wholly prepared for modern times

    While, really it'd be easier to make our current Constitution work by continuing to add amendments, positive change would be much faster to make a new one every few years, perhaps with each new president, in fact, this was something intended for the nation by the framers, just because of the fact that what was important 200 years ago won't be now, cough, cough militias cough cough.

  • Is this even a question?

    No, we should not. If the men who created this country to begin with, created it with the Constitution - it ought to stay that way. Too much is at stake if we were to get rid of it. It would cause a huge problem, and most likely communism would increase, and would be against the freedoms that people like George Washington wanted us to have. God bless :)

  • Rights don't change

    The social contract the constitution was based on dictates that there are inherent natural rights, and the state must protect these rights. The reason the constitution exists is, to quote Bastiat, "...Life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." That being said it is irrational to call for the renewal of the constitution, because that would assert that inherent rights change over time. They do not. Aff obviously has issues with the second amendment, but there is a process to amend the constitution that makes changes. This is far superior to a full renewal. The reason being is that the constitution also forms the basis and operation of our government. A renewal doesn't get rid of one amendment, but also governmental operation.

  • No way its perfect

    The constitution is perfectly written, it shows us how to run our goverment, the 20 powers of congress. And dont forget the bill of rights, Free speech, Free press, Free religion. It also gives us the Freedom to own guns. We get to have a fair and speedy trial, and to have our trial judged by a jury of our peers. We also have the right to be secure in our papers. How would you want to get rid of this

  • Its actually perfectly crafted

    The reason amending it is completely unneccesary is that
    1) its very vauge and open to interpretation so it can change with the times. It really only outlines pretty basic stuff
    2) Its amendable. If you wanna change something, add an amendment. We are the firat generation not to do that.
    The purpose of the constitution is not to make laws that one party or another supports. Its to form the backbone of the government and common, basic goal that can be built upon.

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