Should we replace Columbus day with a different federal holiday?

Asked by: komododragon8
  • Are you sure?

    Columbus was a European but he lived in Spain and brought back Spanish soldiers and priest (that's the reason most people speak Spanish in lower America. Also the natives would have disease but not 90% of them would have died by disease even then disease did play a big role, Columbus killed most of them by guns ( which was unfair since the Natives were not as advance as Spain) so why is this mass murderer a hero and why should we celebrate him it shows our children that they can take what they want and murder is okay

  • Columbus didn't even set foot foot in the USA!

    Along with not even touching the country we live in, neither Columbus nor the Spaniards even discovered America. Leif Erikson was there nearly 500 years before them. Also they met up with the Native Americans who had obviously been settling there years and years before then! So why should we celebrate this killer Italian guy?

  • Duh duh duh

    Obviously a day celebrating the figure that would later commit massive genocide against the natives is a terrible thing to have as a government that would later incorporate members of that ethnicity into the nation. As a replacement, I would suggest a day celebrating the culture and the people that lived here before European invasion.

  • Columbus is a national hero

    The majority of The United States is of European descent. I believe that to show respect to the beginning of when Europeans began to colonize the Americas is fine. To condemn Columbus, for his actions it to condemn European presence in America, so is condemning the presence of every white person's presence in the Americas. Columbus himself didn't cause the genocide of Indians. What happened to the Indians was caused by diseases they had no resistance too, and even if the Indians had come in contact with the rest of the world on a large scale a thousand years later, they still would have been ravaged by disease.

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