• We should have iPads in school.

    Pads are soooooo eco friendly! Super many trees are chopped down to make textbooks every year. Ipads can store up to more than 100 textbooks and story books. With ipads lesser trees are being chopped down and the global warming issue will be solved faster. People, Please support ipads for our planet! Be kind to the enviroment, Not kill it.

  • Yes you can because if you need

    Yes because if you need anything anything right on the spot and you can anything on the spot when you are on a device and your a child you can have a brake time on the iPad and it will cool people down when you get mad so I think you should use an iPad but still keep textbooks around

  • Yes =) yes

    Yes because we could have 20min. On the iPad then you look 20 sec. Outside so then the iPad won’t hurt the students eyes or make their eyes blurry. Also when you search something up it will come up right away. This is why we should replace textbooks with iPads.=)

  • Because if you don't have a pen and paper then how will you learn how to write

    And you can't say nothing because you need to be able to write or else how will you sent the bank a cheach to the bank oh what r u going to say ohhhhh am.... I don't know how to write so can I send ya an email no your not r u

  • Yes, Ipads or tablets should be replaced with textbooks...

    I personally think IPads should be replaced with textbooks. As said in many of the points earlier, textbooks cause a lot of chopping of trees and heaviness in your bag!
    With the help of Ipads or tablets, we could download books and read from them! So we should use textbooks and save trees!(AND OUR BACKS xD)

  • No they should not replace textbooks For quit a few shronking plof reasons Because.. Well just wait and find out what will happen I'm warning

    Because.. Well just wait and find out what will happen I'm warning you turn away turn away. The dog took my leaf the cat took a seat and the human arm was stapled to a pig Because.. Well just wait and find out what will happen I'm warning you turn away turn away. The dog took my leaf the cat took a seat and the human arm was stapled to a pig

  • I Pads are safer

    Do u want a kid to drop a textbook on their lunch cause that can happen. What if a student drops a book on the lunch and crushes there avacado like if I wanted my son to have guacamole I would have just packed him guacamole. GET RID OF TEXTBOOKS PLEASE!!

  • Yes we should

    When you have more than one really heavy book in your back pack your back can only whithstand so much and when you have an iPad in your backpack it never gets heavyer it stays the same weight all the time. And if you want to helight a sentence you can!

  • They are important

    Technology is increasing so we are just speeding up the process. They are cheaper and dont weigh as much they can also be deleted when you no longer need them. Mfigohg djmfirogn fjmirsgnf gir; gregj grj mgiro fmrigon gmrio;gn grniseo;gn grmisegn grnogin grnioegng rneo gnrfg g fng g ejfg g g

  • Yes ii pad's should be replaced by textbooks

    As the flora is getting destroy a lot . Do you know the text books , work sheets are made of barks of the tree. But i pad are not made up of trees . So this can be replaced with text books .

    This can be most help the people who are absent to the school regularly so they can have a eye - eye contact with the teacher and now the topic that day it self and have no problems of copying the notes and understanding the conspet

  • No, have we really come to this!

    Sometimes when I am writing a report or just using my pencil I get a shiver because I come to notice my grandchildren won't do this! They will be on there tablets typing a paper. Paper will be digital! WE ALL NEED to step away from the technology. When iphones and things like that even computer wasn't invented life was good! Even before a lightbulb. Little House on the Praire talks about Laura and Mary loving pig butchering season because then they got to throw the pig bladder like a balloon and it was so much fun! They hung out like sisters should while now a text "I <3 U" is the most affection and communication some sisters have! I dare people to just step away from the phones computers televisions and just hang out with people and communicate! No textbooks should not be on ipads because in 50 years 6th graders will write as well as preschoolers if that because they type everything!

  • I speak from experience

    First of all for clarification, when I say "computer" I mean any type of computer device, like a desktop, laptop, or iPad, etc.
Our school system where I used to live started with iPads for students, but after one trial year, many problems arose (I'm not quite sure what these were) which caused them to discontinue it. The next year, they implemented a plan where every student got Mac Book Airs. However, even so there are still MANY problems with the whole computer/screen thing. Once you give computers, they are used for a lot more than just reading, or it would just be a waste, and there are too many problems that will come from it.

1. I'm sure that high school students and college students would be a little bit better, but originally it started in middle schools - that kids were constantly loosing their laptops, and sometimes they were never found, costing money. Many kids were simply not responsible enough. Damaging a textbook is much better cost-wise than damaging a computer, which is almost just as easily broken.

2. With the taking notes situation:
Yes, some kids find it much easier to type instead of writing, and for some kids it is easier to organize, but there are many reasons which say that writing is much better
a. You remember the information much better when you physically write it down, according to scientific studies. Please read this article for an example: (http://www.Boston.Com/health/2014/06/05/take-note-this-handwritten-notes-are-more-effective-than-typed-ones/Ypp4ahKuX2Zd0OtUqBw79H/story.Html)
b. Handwriting is a skill every student should have anyway. Although the computer can write neatly for you, for many tasks you must still use it. Forget your laptop/iPad one day? Your handwriting should be legible. Somewhere else, other than school, someone says something important, and you want to write a note to yourself, you have to be able to read it. Or if you want to write a note to someone else, they have to be able to read it. Also the fine motor control gained from handwriting is often necessary in everyday tasks. Just like you do pushups to strengthen your arm muscles, handwriting strengthens and improves accuracy of the fine motor skills in your hands.
C. Our teacher actually has one person each class that takes class notes on a computer for those who are sick. - not everyone has to have a computer.
D. People need to be able to organize without the computer doing it for you. ORGANIZATION = SKILL that we cannot learn by pressing a couple keys on the computer. Yes, it is neater and you can bold things, but actively highlighting and underlining not only improves your abilities to pick out important information but helps you to remember what you picked out to be important. Emphasized points will be emphasized in your mind, not only saving time when you study for tests, but allowing you to learn those points for an extended period of time, -studies have shown. Continue to comments for the rest...

  • Think of the children

    Kids need toughening up these days! Your child will never get a papercut, your child will never realised the pain of being smacked over the head by a teacher with their textbooks, or even worse - uncomfortable reading positions. Kids will DIE OUT as the THEORY OF EVOLUTION TELLS US. If we are not surviving as the fittest, WE WILL DIE. Kids spend ALL DAY turning themselves into JELLY on SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading textbooks ONLINE is worse!!!! They even STUDY ONLINE!!!! Ugghhhh STOP THIS MONSTROSITY!!!

  • No they don't

    I don't think anybody should replaces textbooks with iPads, because I hate iPads, they do not run Windows, Windows is the best operating system ever, I think that iPads cost too much, like $500, I don't have that much, textbooks need to just stay forever, and have Apple, the one who makes iPads shut down.

  • Education for Our Children, not Convenience

    We can all agree that we all want to educate our kids and other children of society. We pay with high taxes for their education through state spending to make the best schools, hire the best teachers, and have a great educational environmental conducive to learning.

    I've read an article a couple months ago (HBR, BBC, or WSJ, I can't remember which) talked about a study that showed how students learned more while writing instead of typing, and reading from a book rather than a screen. The neurological aspect of the research showed that learning through vision with tactile stimulation boosts neuro synapses inside the brain, causing the subject to seep in more in the brain whereas without that tactile stimulation, there is not as much of an effect. From personal experience, I found that making a bunch of flashcards for a business meeting was so much more effective than using quizzlet, which made me nod to the message of the article.

    Not to mention that technology has other problems too. Ipads and ebooks can ruin a child's eyesight (needing high-priced medical insurance), reduce sleep through the "blue light effect" (http://articles.Chicagotribune.Com/2012-07-08/news/ct-met-night-light-sleep-20120708_1_blue-light-bright-light-steven-lockley )where the American Medical Association recognizes that ipads can be dangerous to eyesight and sleep, and a reduction in the desire for material pleasures like playing football or baseball outside, or painting or knitting because you can get the stimulation through onlie (also called addiction). Not to mention the increasing power of business oligarchies and monarchies like apple and google, coupled with the rising centrality of consumerism.

    We all want the best for our kids and the next generation. I want them to be successful. And frankly, I don't think ipads would cut it. The text-book will.

  • We should not replace textbooks for pads

    Because some kids do work in them but some other kids just play on them , they will distract the education of the kids,in the textbooks kids are obligated to do work because they can't get apps of games etc... There are some kids that use the pads correctly but there are some other kids that don't.

  • Why do we need tablets

    A teachers job is to teach kids to learn. With tablets kids can search up answers. How will kids learn to research through actual resources. Also, it would cost ALOT of money. What happpens if some break. Ipads can be used but cant replace text books. Dont try it. Trust me

  • No we sholud not

    Shrek has swag lol xdddd i wad not get tables for schools becsuse shrek might steel the tablesa and salsa wolud get everywehere and ugh... Lets just do tablebooks not swamp monnsters jet fuel cand melt steel beams xdddddd 9/11 a a a a a a a a a a

  • Books should be used instead of iPads

    Books are better for your eyes and human arms don't get stapled to pigs!!!!!!!Z, also Zein's Ten Commandments were book is good,
    Boook is better
    Book is fun
    Book is learning
    Book is interesting
    Book is great
    iPad suck
    iPad bad
    iPad is horrible
    iPad is boring
    iPad is not learning!
    You can get édictés to iPads or secretly play on it.
    Did 1078 castle have a Fat Pigalle?

  • You can reference the book to someone

    I think that they should not be replaced with iPads cause one u can always reference it to someone and two they end up have more info and you actually can get better grades speaking from experience. And there is no buffering like when someone takes FOREVER to load this is what I think.

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