Should we replace textbooks with tablets in class?

  • Can Save A Lot Of Time and Work

    If textbooks are replaced with tablets, It will save a lot of work. Students will not have to be carrying around heavy textbooks all day to different classes. Students will be able to reach educational websites more easily and they can help students in projects for researching. Students won't worry about forgetting their homework at home because they have it all saved on their tablet.

  • It is Eco Friendly

    We should use tablets instead of textbooks because the making of textbooks uses up a lot of paper which is made up of trees. Large amount of percentages of deforestation is increasing every year. Big cities such as Shanghai (China), Beijing (China) and many other cities are suffering heavy pollution. Schools, Offices are much more work places close down for days until the air quality becomes better. If the continuation of deforestation does not decrease, Then people will start to have serious health issues later on.

  • We should have what technology gives us

    In today's world keeping up with things is not easy and that is the reason why all this technology is made. Students are not capable of doing everything that the teacher does, So we can use technology. By this I don't mean the misuse of this gadget like calculations in calculators while exams.

  • Tablets can provide better content and quality of learning.

    Tablets can be updated cheaply as data continues to progress. However, Administrators will still have to find ways to make sure the kids are doing what they are doings. Moreover, Tablets should only be used for information, Not the assignment. Assignment can still be on paper and pencil, As this can help the kid retain the knowledge better. I'm all for better technology, But each side to this issue has its own pros and cons.

  • Yes we should

    We can save alot of work

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  • No one has time

    It works faster than writing with pencil and paper and if kids wanna use it for more inappropriate things we should come up with away to make them not do that. And where in the future. No one has time to be writing any more. Their might be some issues with the tablets but we can come up with ways to fix that.

  • They can be dangerous- ease of use, Or distractions and health issues?

    Textbooks have been used for a long time, And they've worked well for everyone. 'Books are heavy'- the weight causes less issues than those tablets cause.
    Tablets are pretty expensive- having to constantly replace them because of new technology is pretty difficult. Tablets, Being devices that people can use to play games- happen to be pretty distracting, Which is an issue during class.
    Tablets and screens in general have been proven to cause a variety of health issues. They strain the eyes, Cause blurred vision, And cause headaches.

  • It will disturb the learning

    I get head aches when reading things on a screen for a long time. It will keep me from learning properly. Also there are so many ways for students to switch to different tabs and play games. My school gives up laptops for our education but we always have textbooks.

  • It could act as a distraction

    Usually, When you give kids iPads, Kids would probably be tempted to google things up on the internet or watch youtube videos. If they bring their own iPads, They are probably going to play the games that they've downloaded onto their tablet. Usually if it's just a textbook, Then kids would have nothing else to do, So they're more likely to do their work and concentrate.

  • Nope nope nope

    Nope nope nope I’m a student and I hate studying on tablets because it could be hard sometimes to jot down notes and to pull up stuff your class is working on. Plus I get easily distracted and sometimes my eyes start to hurt, And if you don’t have enough charge your fucked, It’s enough that were allowed to get our phones with which is already distracting

  • Looks good on paper

    I mean in theory having a tablet/iPad for school seems like a brilliant idea. Lighter schoolbag, Easy access to information from the web, Easy to update etc. But I myself think that it looks better on paper than in practice. First of all my I myself still go to school, So does my brother who has an iPad whilst I have books and call me biased but I think books are better. For starters, His bag is as heavy as mine when we come home from school. This is because he brings home hardbacks and homework copies as do I. I know people will say we'll just don't have the copies but you DO need them for learning because at the end of the day, Screens don't cut it. Also even though he has access to the internet he still comes to me looking for simple answers a google search would have given. I find that people with books are more inclined to actually use technology to help them than those with the technology in their hands. Another thing is that sometimes he gets locked out if he forgets his password etc. Instead of just forgetting a book he suddenly has no books. Eggs in one basket as they say. Finally my own teachers sometimes email students school related things as literally everybody has an email and all of us have access to a phone or laptop at home so you do not need an iPad for doing that. I can see the pros of an iPad but basically everything you can do on them can be done at home on any device and in school there are computers and printers and of course books. I understand most students are too lazy to write out their work, Trust me I've been there but writing things is literally one of the most effective ways of learning and children need to learn work ethics. When you're older you can't just go in to work and say I'm not doing that that's too much work and if anybody tells me that I'm wrong on this (idk I'm not old enough to work yet) then I think everything I've been learning is wrong and we should be more focused on what we're being taught not what's its being taught on. Boy this was long and poorly written but I feel I need people to understand that technology doesn't always mean way of the future.

  • Children's can easily get distracted.

    I do not think we should replace textbooks with tablets in class. The reason why is because kids nowadays love to use social media and can be off-task if we give them a tablet. If we decide to teach like this, Nobody will learn anything because kids are using the internet for fun and not for learning. It is more likely for them to go on social media than to learn if we replace textbooks with tablets. With textbooks, The only thing kids can do is learn, And there's no distractions. This is why I think that we should not replace textbooks with tablets.

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