Should we replace the credit score with Reddit karma

Asked by: chungusfanatic79
  • Upvotes are a greater indicator of trust

    Reddit karma is simply more trustworthy than a credit score. I would rather rent an apartment to a lad with 50k reddit karma than a loser with a maxed out credit score. The credit score is ineffective because everybody can get a credit card and buy things. Creating a top tier reddit post has a high skill ceiling

  • All it take is one spammer.

    You could ruin someone's life because of society's biased beliefs. I think if a hacker was to spam reddit accounts and spam hate messages and karma, The recipient could end up homeless. You could ruin a family, You can also ruin the government. That's all I have to say. Lmao

  • It would create a huge hivemind.

    Think about it. People give reddit karma to opinions they like. If you like this, You get a lot of upvotes. Not only that, But itd completely throw the concept of money off. Most people don't even have reddit so theyd be broke. Neckbeards would be billionaires. Itd be a f***ing dystopia.

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esthetic.snake says2020-09-09T21:58:07.657
A beutiful dystopia.

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