Should we require children's consent for parents' divorce?

Asked by: junho7420
  • It gives to much harms to children.

    Imagine a world, Where you are 12 years old, And your parents are trying to make a decision to break up without your consent. How will you feel? You will be heartbroken and your family will be ripped apart. It giving immense amount of harms to children that can't be justified. Therefore, We should always get the children's consent for a divorce.

  • It defeats the whole purpose

    You shouldn't even divorce in the first place.

    Ask a child, Say, Do you want your parents to divorce? 99. 999% of the kids will say no. It is the family it is to them, And to let most of the children go into something like this would defeat its own purpose. And plus, If the baby is barely 1, Then how the hellish pooper do you ask for his consent?

    If the mother and the father are the type that ate the enemy to each other, Divorce and then remarry is the best choice. Children will likely never say yes to this agreement, Which might add more gunpowder to the family consider they are forced to stay with teh kid while still having conflicts.

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junho7420 says2019-10-14T11:50:26.707
Pls leave opinions^^

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