Should we require labeling for genetically modified foods?

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    We think that genetically modified foods should have labels. There are so many reasons why we should label foods for one it can cause unintended harm to plants and animals plus it can cause negative effects on human health. It can also cause negative allergenic plus it reduces pesticide tolerance. Finally genes can transfer to unintended targets.

  • They are dangerous

    GMO stands for genetically modified organisms which is used to refer to crop plants created fro human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. Genetically modified foods should carry labels because some people have deathly allergies, may have a negative impact on human health, and unintended harm to plants.

  • We can get seriously sick and can get ill.

    The genetically modified foods have toxins that can ruin your health. You could get seriously sick from this and it will affect your health to where you couldn't even move at times and may require hospital time. The food has special genetics and toxins that when used wrong could be deadly.


    Genetically modified foods are mostly , commonly used to refer to crop plant created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. We should have labels because people could be allergic to an ingredient , could cause unintended harm to other organisms , and could reduce the effectiveness of pesticides.

  • It could be fatal

    Should genetically modified foods carry labels? My answer is yes, Because you might have an allergic reaction to what is in it. Also, it could give you health issues. For example, if they feed a cow with genetically modified corn, and that cow contracts a disease and dies, its possible you can contract that same disease.

  • We need to know about foods

    Yes they should have the labels because people need to know about ingredients they're allergic to. What will give them a bad reaction to there stomach. We need to know about the inside of the food and the what the animal or plant was injected with plus what food was given to the animal or plant.

  • GM food labels

    Yes they should have to label GM foods, because what if someone doesn't want GM foods. The term GM foods or GMO,s (genetically-modified organisms) is most commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. It needs to be labeled because of unintended harm to other organisms, reduced effectiveness of pesticides, and gene transfer to non-target species.

  • Yes, people have the right to know

    Yes, people have the right to know whether the food they are considering to buy is genetically modified or not. Some say genetically modified foods are perfectly safe, other have their suspicions about such foods. That is not the point. Whatever your opinion may be, you have the right to be informed about the food you eat.

  • Genetically modified foods should be labeled

    If these foods are safe for consumption it should not be a problem to label them. Disclosing this information would take no more then printing a symbol on the package. It would allow consumers to make an informed choice on consuming genetically modified food. This would also allow microbiologists to see if some bacteria (MRSA and eColi) behave differently when found on these products (meats specifically). There should be more clarity in the food chain and it should not be so difficult to get answers when specific questions are asked.

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