Should we reserve seats for Indigenous Australians in the Parliament?

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  • It is common sense

    Geesh it is common sense. Really if we were in their shoes we would be making a lot of a fuss so why can't they. They were here first so really. They should actually have a greater right because they were here first. And trust me i know because i am an indigenous australian

  • Everyone deserves a say!

    Indigenous Australians, however disadvantaged, should have a seat in parliament because they have a voice and a valid opinion, and because they make up that 3% of the country, they are that 3% that matter! A seat in parliament would provide Indigenous Australians with the opportunity to influence the law that binds them!

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  • It is common sense

    Geesh it is common sense. Really if we were in their shoes we would be making a lot of a fuss so why can't they. They were here first so really. They should actually have a greater right because they were here first. And trust me i know because i am an indigenous australian

  • The Past SHould Say it All

    With everything that we havce done towards there people, surely we owe it to them to reserve them this seat. Their communities have been opressed and their ancesstors killed and murdered in cold blood. Surely a national apoolgy isn't enough to cover the damage of this? It is unfair to expect these people to be alright with the way they have been treated so therefore, reserved seating for aboriginal Australians is a must for a step forward in cultural acceptance.

  • Inclusion of the Indigenous Peoples

    I believe we have come a long way since we started to recognize the existence of the Indigenous Peoples and their importance to Australia. An event symbolizing this is sorry day, when Kevin Rudd apologized for the cruel treatment so unjustly given to the Indigenous Peoples. We believe that, to go the extra mille in working together and co-operating with the Indigenous People, we should give them a say in Australia’s democracy. They have been here for thousands of years before the English turned this land that was first thought empty into a penal colony. Since when did we have the right to unjustly take away their land, claim it as our own, and enslave the Indigenous People as if they were animals? We even went as far as to take away the children from Indigenous families to be held up for adoption. We stole a generation from them. This was all due to discrimination, which was born out of the English’s fear of something they didn't know. Yes the Indigenous People were unknown at the time and thought to be monsters as such, but now… they are recognized. In today’s society, they are human beings. What is this the politicians are saying about ‘equal rights for human beings?’ The Indigenous People are also human beings themselves as preposterous as it may sound. But it is true. And if the government with all their political power, fighting with ‘words’ not war, then why not reserve seats in Parliament to the race of the Indigenous People, as they are citizens of Australia. Why not treat them as equally as the white Australians in Parliament and let them have their own views, the views of the native islanders, voiced to the rest of Australia and the democracy, They have been vying for a position like such, a seat in Parliament, to voice the opinion of their own races. There is no such selfish reason for this, but sheer determination to be able to have a say for themselves and several leaders with such power, to do so on behalf of their peoples.

  • A suitable compensation is required

    Since the Indigenous Australians have been disadvantaged so much in the past and were discriminated and held bitter statements about them, they should now be given the chance for their voice to be projected loud and sound; an advantage will be the apt compensation for what the white Australians have done to them.

  • The current system is not working!

    Our current 'white' system of democracy has not worked to assist the indigenous people of our country and therefore we need to give them a special place in federal parliament to ensure their voices are heard and that the great disadvantages in health and education that they experience are more adequately addressed.

  • A fair chance for all citizens of Australia!

    It is obviously the right choice to reserve seats in parliament for Indigenous Australians for uncountable reasons. Aboriginals belong to a minority community where it is hard for them to gain a seat in parliament. This would provide them with a chance to represent Australia, particularly Aboriginals who need more support and guidance. It also provides Aborigines with roles models so that they can aim higher.

  • They lived on this land before us.

    Before Europeans came along, they lived on this land using it as a life source. Europeans came and changed everything they lived by, subjecting them to laws that they don't agree on and can not change. Being the ancestors of the land they should be able to have a say and also will give a different view to many issues raised in parliament.

  • No, we shouldn't hand out the seats.

    The seats in parliament are very prestigious and we shouldn't be reserving seats for just anyone. Instead, the Indigenous Australians and Australians should fight for the seats; we are just ensuring that the Indigenous Australians get a fair chance as well. This ensures the candidates are all eligible and capable of carrying out the task given to them. If we simply handed out and reserved seats for the Indigenous Australians, then their capabilities aren't challenged and it's too easy for them to gain heavy influence in the parliament. This shouldn't be allowed to happen either.

  • Australia has an elected parliment

    Why should Indigenous Australians get special treatment rather than the best person for the job. It is simply: do we want the best person for the job or just somebody who was chosen for their race rather than skill. So clearly seats should not be reserved for indigenous Australians in parliment.

  • Equality is essential

    Racism is defined by the idea that one race is inferior to others and the other races should have more privileges than them. Though in the past we have done a great deal of harm to aboriginals , the solution to that is not to give them seats without the consideration of the Australian public. Moreover , the reservation of member placed in the seat will not be guaranteed to represent the views of the majority of the aboriginal population, how will the person elected be chosen

  • Australia is a Democracy and all Australians should be equal.

    A fundamental principle of liberal democracy is that people have generally equal representation in Parliament. The Indigenous people of Australia have a vote just like other citizens. As such, they can vote for representatives who will support their interests in parliament, and so have as much of a voice per person as anyone. To give them additional representation would be to give them a disproportionately large degree of say, and would be undemocratic. This would also mean that race would determine an individual's democratic power and in so doing make a mockery of equality before the law.

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  • Australia is a democratic country...

    Australia is a democracy. It isn't fair for other ethnic groups who call Australia their home to not have seats reserved for them as well. Everyone deserves a say in Australia, not just Aborigines. We acknowledge and respect them and their past, and see full capability in them, and that is exactly why they should show their capability and get a seat the same way the rest of Australia do. It isn't going to solve their issues as they will be a minority in Parliament, but it would be much more effective if they have their own version of Parliament, where they can focus on the issues they are facing.

  • They are a minority group

    • It is unjust to select seats based on ethnicity
    • In Australia the aboriginal people only represent 2% of the population
    • It would be more reasonable to have Vietnamese or Chinese representatives as they have a higher demographic in Australia, why don’t we reserve seats for them?
    • This will result in a division and discrimination of cultural backgrounds.

  • Australia's Political System

    Is based on merit, not ethnicity. We chose our political representatives based on their abilities and skills. Another valid parliamentary system would be to try to make up your parliament of all different groups in society, so that everyone was evenly represented. Mixing the two doesn't work. By giving the Aborigines a seat, we are setting a precedent for other groups to follow, yet one that we can’t effectively back up without changing the way our political system works. It would be better to address aboriginal issues directly, and keep our parliament as it is.

  • The reservation of seats for Aboriginals is an offence to the aboriginal community.

    The reservation of seats for Aboriginals is an offence to the aboriginal community. You may as well be saying to them that they are as a community incapable of being elected the same way as others so they can have their own special seats. We are implying that Aboriginal people could not gain seats on their own merit. The establishment of dedicated seats for indigenous australians in parliament goes against the principles of self determination. As we have continued to argue there is no disputing the fact that the indigenous people of australia have suffered great disadvantages but instead of just handing them positions we want to focus more on encouraging more aboriginals to achieve positions through their own merit even if this means changing or adjusting the democratic system to increase their opportunities. Aboriginal people would would want to know that they are being elected through a normal democratic process and there own hard work and determination.

  • Other Minorities will Demand Seats.

    Here in Australia, we have a mixture of various different cultures, races and traditions. And while the Aboriginal people have a different and arguably stronger ownership of the land, this does not mean we should reserve seats for them in parliament. While there are claims from many that Aboriginal people should be treated as an entity separate from the rest of parliament and have seats reserved for them, this may cause other minority groups of our nation to demand that they be reserved seats also.

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