• We need to respond to Syria immediately

    I think that the time is now for the United States to respond immediately to Syria. The officials of Syria are killing their own people, and we as a civilized nation such as this great one simply cannot let that happen. I think we need to change the regime in Syria and find them better leaders.

  • Don't get involved

    People talk of action for Syria as a moral humanitarian thing to do. But think of it this way, were they there to stop the fighting in the first or second world war? Or indeed any war? No. Why should it be western nations-Who are more likely to provoke Islamic extremists just by the very presence of the west, and possibly en-danger more lives in the west- be the ones to save the day? Why doesn't Saudi Arabia intervene? If you help too much people become dependent on you and cannot deal with things on they're own, now is one of those moments. If they want to kill each other just let them get on with it. The whole of the middle east is turning into one big Vietnam situation. Rebels also massacre villages and claim it was Assad to provoke the western actions. Why should we help such "Humans"?

  • We need to focus on America

    I don't believe Syria is currently a major threat to the US. If we get involved now, especially with Russia which is a country that isn't exactly fond of us, we would only be inviting trouble. It shouldn't be our responsibility to resolve all conflicts especially when we have so many problems of our own,

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