Should we restrict parental rights in naming their children after religious entities (ex. ChristIsKing, Amen, Muhammed, etc.)?

Asked by: anthonydane
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  • No,we should not restrict parental rights when it comes to naming their child.

    Although some people might think that using religious names might be wrong freedom of expression is one of the basic tenets of the constitution and one can not be more expressive than naming their child.They are probably just trying to honor their religion and the people that are against them should just mind their own business.

  • No, child naming is free speech.

    No, we should not restrict parental rights in naming children, even if the names are religious or otherwise offensive. Being able to have and raise a child is a fundamental right, and the names given to a child are often of very personal and spiritual significance. The parents should have free choice, even if their choice is unique or offensive to others.

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