Should we revive the Aztec religion to fight Islam, given that Christianity no longer has the stomach for the needed bloodshed?

Asked by: KGee1987
  • Christianity is like a headless chicken; fire must be fought with fire

    I propose the revival of the Aztec religion in order to fight Islam based on that the War on Terror to truly defeat the Muslims would require no less than full extermination of all their leaders at the very least. Aztec religion and their rites were of an extremely bloodthirsty, savage nature, and would thus help our soldiers and civilians be desensitised and toughened up for the fight against the Muslims. The prize of the battle could be to sacrifice the enemy POWs themselves after their usefulness for information has been used up. Once peace was achieved, the sacrifices could be transitioned from human sacrifice to animal sacrifice. Also, the amount of human sacrifices thus carried out would go a long way to resolving overpopulation on Earth, as well as achieving a state of fear where no foreign power in their right mind would dare oppose said country (for the purposes of this article, the United States of America) for fear of ending up another sacrificial victim. Out of this sheer terror, worldwide peace would surely follow; perhaps similar to the DPRK's regime, but nonetheless, America would never be opposed again.

  • Yes because they kill

    Because they need to be annihilated like we shall exterminate rats that. Enter on our houses and because they kill other people has Ever made fire must be fight with fire justice is teeth for teeth blood. For blood because they are nothing but the conquest hungry villains of the world

  • Provides a more convincing propaganda campaign

    I present to you the question, what could possibly more terrify than being decapitated by an ignorant, rag-headed extremist? Having your heart ripped out and your body tossed down the stairs of a great pyramid. The Aztec faith is the only faith advocating human sacrifice more confronting and psychologically scaring than a simple beheading. Personally, i would advocate for televised sacrifices of extremists, and great celebration for days of worship to the sun God

  • Opposing Force Needed

    I think that if it was possible this would be fantastic. This is not because Islam is a "incorrect" religion (it's certainly better than quite a few), in fact I would say that Aztec mythology is worse, I do however believe that religions such as Christianity and Islam are starting to envelope whole cultures. A fight for paganism is a fight for diversity.

  • Atheism is the answer

    You cannot fight one barbaric out of date mythology with another neither can you sit tight and weight for a certain mythology to disappear. Everyone person must accept sooner or later that you cannot be willing to kill someone for mythology. Remember a person can only be extreme as the mythology allows them to be.

  • Your thinking is skewed.

    Laws control the actions of leaders -- not religions. You lack a lot of understanding on this subject and others related to it. Instead of making polls that reveal your limited knowledge on a subject, you should try actually researching it first. The Aztecs? LMAO! Even the attempt to compare modern society to one of Mesoamerica is amusing. Civilization has evolved. Well, most of us have.

  • Uhhh... Excuse me?

    It's not that Christians have lost their will. It's more like, we have a Muslim President, and he is preventing us from doing what's needed to resolve the problem. Obama has admitted that he was born, raised and is still a Muslim. Some people still think he is a Christian. It just goes to show that stupidity has no limits.

  • SOME Christians are nuts. Others are not. And in any case...

    That's no reason to revive a religion. You don't fight religious absurdity with more religious absurdity. That's not how it works. That's like sending the Klan to deal with Islamic Fundamentalists. It won't make a change for the better, it will just make them hate white people you see?

    Fire mustn't be fought with fire, not always. I think any fireman would say that 99% of the time they fight fire with water and other various chemicals. These people that are ommiting these aweful crimes at Mt. Sinjar are no different than black gangs in Los Angeles or white mobsters in New York, or Klan lynchers in Atlanta. We don't fight this by killing a bunch of people, it only makes martyrs for their cause and increases the hate. We find out what the real root of the problem is and fix THAT. Most often, it boils down to poverty and lack of resources, such as in the case of crime most everywhere. In this case I'd say it's more likely a lack of decent education combined with poverty that has driven these men to behave this way.

    Human beings are not naturally violent and terrible. We have this fantastic Frontal Lobe in our brains that overrides those tendencies. When it's not working, we have to look at the environment in which that particular brain lives and find out what has caused it not to override. Then we fix that. It's harder and more complex and it takes a long time, but there is a reason the easy way is almost never the right way.

  • What the heck?

    The Aztecs ripped peoples hearts out and sacrificed them to gods. Most Muslims are good people. Your not fighting Islam he fighting violent off shoots if Islam. Why don't you learn about the religion before posting such non sense. Most of the 1.5 billion Muslims are good people. If they were all terrorists we'd have a much worse situation. Let's revive the European scholars to teach people like you about acceptance and religion.

  • Clearly stupidity knows no bounds

    First, this argument itself is blatanty racist. Second, i doubt you know any of the deatails of aztec religion/culture.Seriously, answer these Questions without looking up the answers: name 5 aztec gods by name. What was the aztec capital. What did its name mean and why? Can't answer, then no argument

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Dilara says2014-08-24T19:55:26.597
Obama is a Christian you stupid jerks of he were a muslim why would he kill so many if them in drone strikes and send so many weapons to Israel?. Dear god you people need help.
CherryPickinApesInSpace says2014-08-25T09:03:43.807
Agree Dilara... Don't worry, the stupid will eventually erase itself, I hope......
SweetTea says2014-08-25T13:49:31.797
There isn't any religion that is hampering the fight against terrorism. That is what you meant; isn't it? Because Islam is a religion and our laws (as do the laws of most nations) provide the freedom of worship. If we cannot uphold our basic freedoms, i.e. worship, then what are we fighting for? You might also want to study-up on Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions, etc. It would help you to better understand why leaders make the decisions that they choose to make. And how others are convicted of war crimes for what some perceive as "proper actions".
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T14:24:49.283
SweetTea, you sound like a useful idiot in the hands of the Islamic State to me. An open mind is like a fortress unbarred and unguarded. Fortunately for you and your handlers, I keep my mind closed to enemy propaganda.
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T14:26:59.167
And as we all know, the Islamic State means the Qliphoth. The Forces of Hell. Tartarus. Niflheim - whatever name you choose, they are possessed by the forces of evil entities from beyond this world, which mean to slaughter us. For what reason? Potential competition? Maybe just for kicks? Who knows? As far as I am concerned, Abu Bakr is EVIL, as are all who follow him. Period. And the destruction of evil is a virtue. Their eternal souls, what is left of them, of those deluded followers, shall be cleansed and perhaps saved after death.
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T14:42:38.503
For the further information for any future answers: I basically used the Aztec religion as a rhetorical device; it could be anything else, Asatru, Kemetic Paganism, whatever - just creating a new religion that is completely opposite not just Islam, but also Abrahamism which Islam is a type of (like Christianity and Judaism).
SweetTea says2014-08-25T16:27:48.543
KGee1987 ... Would you like to publicly compare IQs? While you accuse me of being a "useful idiot", you overlook the most obvious reason -- the law. You make accusations that you either cannot prove, or just haven't bothered to ("... Qliphoth. The Forces of Hell. Tartarus. Niflheim - whatever name you choose, they are possessed by the forces of evil entities from beyond this world ..."). Even more humorous than your ranting is your avatar change. One hour ago, you used the Devil who from the religious standpoint presides over Hell. Now, you've switched to an angel. If religion is so meek & ineffective, why do you even use an avatar with religious origin? You are one sick individual.
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T16:30:51.730
Maybe I'm just trolling and daring the banhammer.
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T16:33:59.283
U mad bro
SweetTea says2014-08-25T16:49:52.287
Once on the Internet -- always on the Internet. Even if you close your account, your hate-speech lives on. Five years from now -- even a decade -- you could find yourself in a tight spot & somebody will bring these posts out of the woodwork. Will you try explaining it as "trolling", then? LMAO! Good luck with that!
KGee1987 says2014-08-25T16:51:38.413
I don't care, I've only got a few months to live anyhow.
SweetTea says2014-08-25T19:13:47.670
KGee1987 ... If there's a shred of truth to your last post (which I highly doubt), you need to get your mind off of killing others & think about how you want to be remembered. Think about your life & meeting your maker.