• Religion supports evil.

    Religion, and especially the holy scriptures, are the main source for all evil doings in the world in the past and in the present. From the Crusades, the witch hunts, and crashing planes into buildings, religion allows you to do these wicked things in the name of an infallible creator. This creator is supposedly perfect, but if this is your definition of perfect than I claim that you are mentally insane and need help as soon as possible.

    No man or woman has EVER killed in the name of atheism, want to know why, because that would be the same as killing someone in the name of the number 82904. There is absolutely no motive. Because of my non-belief in a God im going to kill people! NO THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

  • #1 Problem with Humanity

    Religion is the largest dividing factor of the world's people. It's not ethnicity, culture, geography or even language. It's religion. It starts wars. It skews elections. It creates needless hatred. And for what? Religion, by definition, is man's attempt to explain what he cannot. Now, thousands of years later, populations are ready to massacre one another because their interpretation of how things are and came to be is different. Ignorance to the Nth degree. All religion is is filler for the gaps that scientific fact cannot explain. Of course religion was more prominent in the early days of man. Little scientific knowledge existed much less circulated. A world without religion is a safer, smart, and more connected one.

  • Religion was the leading force of torture and barbaric practices

    Take any world history course that doesn't gloss over the corruption of religion. Witch hunts, the inquisition, crusades; they were one of the most horrifying times lead by a patriarchy full of corrupt and power hungry leaders. Don't like your neighbour? Declare he's a heretic. Wife won't shut up? Put an iron brace on her face and if she keeps talking after that, burn her at the stake for being a witch.
    Religious leaders went out of their way declaring who to kill. "They worship satan, therefore god will praise you for killing them". "Women were made for men and were created from a bent rib, they have no rights because they're imperfect". "You're not following our religion, well we'll have to torture you so that you do"
    The most gruesome disgusting torture devices were made to kill people who weren't "true to christianity".

  • Live while you are here

    We need to live in this world....Really live, not just exist as if this were a test for the real world "Heaven" as some people would have you believe. If we were to live as if this were the one chance we get, as I firmly believe, instead of chasing after an imaginary deity, people would value their life and others lives so much more. Then maybe, just maybe, we could live in peace?

  • Religion closes the mind

    Just imagine a God who created a thinking being and then told it not to think at all. Imagine also that today I came down from a mountain and said that God had spoken to me. Would people flock around me and ask me to write down the words, or would the rightly say that I needed help for a psychological condition. The rebirth of the 'sun' after three days of 'death', we now call the period after the shortest day. The star in the East we now call the Southern Cross. The three Kings who point the way, are the stars in Orion's belt. Why do we fill the minds of people with limited education, with myths that will stop them expanding their capabilities. It is all very sad.

  • Yes, of course.

    Mankind has long held morality, ethics, logic and reason before 'religion' came along and became the "Opiate for the Masses" according to Karl Marx. Christianity was the rebirth of evil. Every form of Christianity has fueled wars, crusades, inquisitions, raping, pillaging, plagues, dark ages, and witch burnings. It has afforded man to abandon reason and hang on to fantasy and unrealistic undying faith in symbolism. It has been a shield to hide behind to justify war and any other violent vile act mankind can conjure in the dark recesses of their twisted minds to inflict on the poor, weak , and infirmed. And after thousand of years, religion is still hawking that evil mentality of slavery and obedience with the threat of damnation in the hereafter or the promise of paradise dependent upon what MAN decides one deserving.

  • No more religion

    All it religion is is a brick wall in mankind's way to advancement. People like terrorists don't like change and are afraid of it and will stop others of advancing because they don't want to. Without religions Mankind would be hundreds of years in the future. A lot of wars were started because of religion and we lost knowledge because of it then took a step back in advancement.

  • Religion - the cover for evil

    Religion is too often used as a cover by evil people to carry out evil deeds.....A cover that fools too many wavering souls. Why should we provide an excuse for evil to abound? Faith and religion are very different things. Faith gives hope. Faith will not / cannot be taken from those who need and deserve hope. But religion - take away this cause of strife, suffering, segregation, sexual abuse and senseless misogyny.

  • To change this world, we need new paradigms

    Look around the world. There is so much beauty, so many awesome people. But there is also a lot of death, hate, pollution and ignorance. And these exist because the human being is not aware of being alive. Most humans are not aware of the fact that we're flying through outer space on a huge rock and that this life an unimaginably peculiar experience that we're all sharing. And in order for us to get to that awareness we need to lose religion along with nationalism, racism, political affiliations and so on. Until we do, we'll get the same results we've been getting.

  • If you've been religious and now have independent critical thought, you know why

    There are a range of elements that make religious belief destructive to positive human and environmental development including, but not limited to:
    Belief in something with a lack of evidence
    Living with morals based on fear (going to hell)
    Hypocritical living, sin throughout the week, go to church on Sunday
    Think less of others based on their lack of religious belief or contrary religious belief

  • Part of humanity

    The question is ridiculous! Only a minority of people have no religion, and it could be that in itself is a form of religion. Humanity cannot rid of religion as religion is a fundamental aspect of humanity. Religion has served as guide to cultures all over, calling men and women to transcend to higher things.

  • Of course not!

    That would be just silly. One thing that is interesting is that the truth of religion is not really discussed. Should we rid the world of religion, even if we knew it to be true? The reasons give for the extermination of religion don't even discuss the truth of religion but it's side effects. Most of these side effects are not major tenets of any major religion. Science fanatics are just as dangerous and religious fanatics. Plus, modern science is the legacy of Christianity

  • Regulating force in morality

    Nations will rise and fall while the different religions of the world stick around. It has happened and probably will happen again. Religion is a regulating force in human morality. We used to be animals. Frankly people still act like animals sometimes. I would rather people's morality follow a basic set of laws like for ex. The 10 commandments. Than the laws made up by modern day politicians. Religion does a lot of good in the world too. Its not necessarily a bad thing to have a more conservative voice in the public.

  • Religion supports freedom to live by your own ideals

    Religion is a major part of human society. Most people, such as I use religious teachings as a guide to living a better life. Only a select few use religion as a justification for war and death of people who didn't agree with what you believe in. I prefer to stay away from the fundamentalist in side and use religion as a set of stories that can better my life. As Jesus once said, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself'. I take teachings like that and ignore other teachings such as homosexuality should be punished by death.

  • Absolutely not !

    Religion has been an integral part of human civilization for thousands and thousands of years, serving as the basis for all modern morality and granting millions a sense of security and fulfillment.
    Most modern religious people believe in science just as much as atheists. There is only a small population of religious people who reject science, and they are known as fundamentalists. Within those fundamentalists, there is an even smaller group of people called extremists, and those are the religious people who are giving religious people such a bad name.

    On top of that. Most "religious conflicts" aren't actually even caused by religion. They have underlying political/economic/social motives, but their instigators, the extremists, justify their acts of violence with religion. If religion were to be abolished, all that conflict would still happen; the instigators would just be using different reasons to justify them.
    Removing religion wouldn't lessen the amount of wars that happen, and it wouldn't make the general population anymore educated either, since most religious people already believe in science along with their religion. Thus, nothing would be achieved through the complete removal of religion. Rather than hating on the general religious population, people should be taking action against extremists.

  • Of course not.

    Eradicating all religions would be an attack to basic human rights, mainly freedom of thought. It would be wrong to eliminate all religions unless NOBODY, absolutely NOBODY believes in any religion anymore. Other than that, religion should not be rid of. Besides, I know a lot of religious and non-religious people force their beliefs onto others, but if they wouldn't it could still work out.

  • A different approach

    I'm not necessarily religious myself, but I don't see a reason to eradicate religion completely. Allow freedom of religion because believing in the religion itself does no harm to others. Now, a terrorist may do things in the name of religion and so may a fundamentalist, but don't worry, the advances of science slowly seed doubt into each mew generation's minds and eventually religion will cease to exist. Science does not prove religion, in fact, it provides a solid counter-argument to many religious "proofs". Back to my main point though, religion itself is not something that needs to be eradicated. Trying to get rid of religion nowadays would simply create lots of upheaval. But as I just said before, time will get rid of religion. Now, an eradication of religion from government is a must. Secularism is better for society, not because it supposedly promotes atheism (as some of my religion teachers like to think), but because it protects people of all religions and lack thereof. Oh! One other thing. Religions that require one to go against a government's laws should still be regulated. Such as sacrificing humans for the sake of one's religion. Anyways, that's all I've got to say

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