• How much is enough?

    The poverty thresholds need to go up, minimum wage needs to go up. Also a maximum wage needs to be put in place. Something like one million dollars max, anything over is taxed heavy. Any one with personal assets over one billion dollars should pay a on money not invested in the country.

  • We should rise taxes for rich people.

    I think we should rise taxes for rich people. I am not against rich people. I just think that when someone gets super-super rich he/she tends to gain political power and turn country into an oligarchy. We need a strong democracy where everyone in the society has a say. If we don't want to have a plutocracy here in USA we should tax the rich.

  • Yes we should

    Rich should pay more for taxes because the taxes arnt ment to be a nucience. There ment to help the community pay schools and services that would cost us a lot without those taxes. Rich people have a lot of money that can be used to help the services that money wouldn't be there without. Therefore the rich should pay more especily since in order to be rich there must be poor people so a better economy would be one were if you were rich you should just spend a little of it helping those who gave you that money.

  • Just like New York!

    Yes let's tax the rich until they move to other countries that don't tax as much as we do! Then we will tax them again for trying to leave America and we will throw them in jail for being unpatriotic and confiscate all their assets and distribute it to the poor. We will make them ineligible for any programs when they get out of jail, because they where mean evil rich people. Yes, yes, NOT!

  • No, the rich already pay higher taxes.

    Many countries such as the USA and Canada already have a bracketed tax system mean the rich pay much, much more in taxes. In addition, when we take in to account the fact that the wealthy tend to pay more in property and sales taxes, just through spending more, this amounts to an enormous amount of tax revenue coming from the wealthy. From this it is clear that the wealthy already pay more than their "fair share". By continuously raising taxes for the rich and implying that they owe everyone, it make the successful people look like the bad guy, when in fact they often contribute much to the economy and aid employment.

  • Not the way stated here

    I am not rich but what is proposed here will not work. Rich people for the most part provide a lot of employment in this country. Raising taxes on corporations has shown that they tend to take business overseas, It would be better to have incentives to keep businesses here in this country and raising taxes will not make that happen. I don't know why missmedic thinks there should be a maximum wage. If someone earns money that is because they earned and should be able to keep it. All social programs are funded by the taxpayers and that is as it should be but don't push it too far or you may find that nobody is willing to invest in their community and start businesses because there is no motivation to do so.

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