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  • No the cringe would be too strong

    Good luck making our way to his basement only to see a fat mess on the computer jerking it to Chinese cartoon girls. On his bed are pillows with said cartoon girls on em all stained with white stuff. The whole place stinks of trash and we would probably faint by then.

  • No because I can't come

    Mommy taking me to soccer game so can't rob house. Also if she found out she would take away my spongebob and xbox. Can't have that sorry bro you going to have to do a spec ops mission to the body shamers house by yourself tonight. Bring some spray deodarant because I think the body shamer is so stinky he might make you pass out if you were in his presence

  • Case is closed

    A. We don't know where he lives so give me that info
    B. We already scared him away so let's not carry on
    C. Last time I checked, Fat man wasn't gone quite yet
    D. Let's use all of the above and agree we shouldn't rob anybody's house tonight or anytime in the future.

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