Should we sacrifice personal freedoms for security?

  • With complete freedom, there is anarchy.

    If we had complete freedom and everyone could do exactly as they pleased at all times, we would be living in a state of anarchy. On the other hand complete security does not necessarily have to involve living in a bubble at all times. Whilst extreme examples exist, the law is one case of something that restricts freedom for the sake of security. Would you be willing to give people the freedom to murder, as the expense of your security?

  • The problem lies within us

    In May 2001 the CIA already knew a major attack against the US was going to be perpetrated, but though the issue was in the Middle East. That is why security is over freedom, if the government had a better control of the people, the attack would probably have been avoided

  • Everything in moderation.

    To a certain extent it is worth it, but if you go too far, that is when things like North Korea are created. Without some loss of freedom, the world would be in total anarchy. When you stop at a traffic light, you give up some freedom to maintain security and order. Same thing applies in every situation, you need just the right amount of both to have a good state. Too little freedom means totalitarian regimes. Too much means chaos and the falling apart of the country.

  • Nothing is Black/White.

    As a teen or young person, we should not sacrifice our freedom for safety, but as parents of children, it is a harder decision. Automatically, you put your child in danger when you decide to take more freedom. For the young teen, would you be able to sacrifice freedom for safety, and know that your younger sibling is more vulnerable as a result? It really depends on how much you care for the welfare of relatives who are weaker or vulnerable.

  • NO we shouldn't

    If one want he/she can just follow optional rules or advice. And some people even prefer death than life without freedom. This is capitalism, we have right to find freedom we deserve. Let's maximize efficiency to get what we decided. Anyone should have free will to live or die as they want!

  • It's a personal choice

    If that person want security he/she may follow the rules or advices but he/she may want to take risk on his/her own there are a lot of people that take risk and sometimes it goes through risk management all person have right to do something and we need freedom don't force us it's like hey what we did we got

  • The Choice is Freedom or Tyranny

    It comes down to trading the uncertainty and danger of freedom for the safety and security of tyranny.

    The Federal Super Max prisons are VERY safe and secure, but they have NO freedom. I doubt many people would choose Super Max over freedom.

    If you give up your freedom for security you become a prisoner of the state.

  • Sacrificing freedom for security is like staying a virgin for fear of STD's.

    Living is fatal. Statistics show that 1 out of 1 die. The question is not: "How long did you live?" but "How did you live?". A life of unwilling slavery to an unworthy master is a life not worth living by any stretch. If you cannot enjoy your life then its not even worth it. Has no-one read the history books? Do they not see the results of giving up their freedom for the sake of security? Everyone has seen star Wars, look at how Palpatine took control: He used a false "threat" (The Separatists) to drive people to give up more and more freedom in the name of "security" and "order" until finally the Republic became the Empire. Unless you love dictatorship, don't give up your freedom for any measure of security!

  • Freedom should never be sacrificed

    A person's freedom is something that I don't feel should ever be taken away or sacrificed ever. It's something that we as a Country had faught years and years to obtain, and therefore, should not be taken away from us at any time. Not evne for something as great as security.

  • Or should FEAR be more important than reason?

    This question has been answered through the history of mankind. At every junction, where people have given up or had taken away their rights. Only one thing remained.Tyranny.
    ............ANY QUESTIONS?
    Better yet, pose the question this way. In the United States of America, are we founded on a document that describes the inalienable rights of humans? Or are we a country that was founded on what Hitler wanted?In other words, what matters more?What a mob wants, or what an individual requires?

  • It's not worth it.

    I don't think it's worth giving away any of our freedoms for some security from a government we don't even know if we can fully trust. I feel that it will be a long time before I can trust anyone to return security acceptable to my standards or the standards of the American people in general. With all that has happened recently in America I doubt that freedoms we give up will help improve our security, why would it? Why do I have to give up the right to walk where I please or go out when I want for the pure fact that it might help? America has seen to many plans not be fulfilled and I know we're ready for action.

  • No, we should never sacrifice.

    Our country was founded on freedom, and continues that to this day. To deny people their rights, is to say that the Constitution doesn't matter. We need to uphold our personal freedoms, while continuing to do what we can to make this nation safer for it's citizens. We should never lose these rights.

  • I rather die than live unfree

    What is the point of security? To protect life. What is the point of life? To live free. So you're defeating the very purpose of security when you sacrifice personal freedoms for security. We will all die someday, no amount of security will give you immortality so there's no point in sacrificing freedom for it.

  • We shouldn't have to sacrifice anything.

    We should never have to sacrifice our personal freedom so we can fell safe in our own home. I agree with cameras in public places. I used to think it was a violation of privacy, but now I see it is much needed. However, i don't think this would be considered giving up our personal freedom. We have the freedom to voice our opinion. We have the freedom to walk where we want. Our forefathers fought to give us these freedoms.

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