• Wild cats keep the circle of life in balance

    With out wild cats the there food supply would grow out of control and would eat all its food. Then the entire food chain would fall apart. We need wild cats because they are the essential predators. If a circle is broken then the ecosystem will fall apart. Save the wild cats!

  • Animals Matter To This World!

    Animals matter to our world. Kids love seeing them at the zoo, and we want that recourse to be around as long as we can keep it up and running. When the big cats attack people, it is 99% the person's fault for invading the big cats' personal space, so it was just trying to defend the others around it. Overall, we should save the big cats od the world!

  • Animals are like humans

    We should stop this because animals needs more than this. They can’t die out because of us hunting and ruining their only habitat that they cannot control cause of the horrible people killing these animals. The have the same right as us to live. They can live better if we help these animals survive to make us and the world complete.

  • We should definitely save the wild cats.

    It's not natural for any species to be exterminated.This is why we should try to save every animal no matter how personally repulsive we might find them.Cats may seem like a nuisance but they actually work to control other animals that are even more of a nuisance like rodents and bugs.

  • Wild cats should save themselves

    There will always be places where wildcats can live without fear or threat from humans, and they should remain in these areas, if they are unable to survive in their environments, there is nothing we should do to interfere with there extinction in the wilderness, of course setting up sanctuaries would be nice. Wild cats survived for a long time without our interventions, and should be able to survive much longer without them.

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