• It is our only option.

    No matter the risk of the flight, Radiation on the ground and cost added on, Mars in my opinion is a need not just a desire to do a few experiments. Lets look at the facts, With the rate Fossil Fuel consumption is going, Climate Change will be at the point of no return in just SEVEN YEARS. Sea levels will rise resulting in millions displaced, Forests will burn resulting in thousands of endangered species going extinct and land will become less fertile resulting in their being widespread famine.
    By 2050 the population of planet earth will be 10 billion so with all these circumstances added on top of each other, Humanity may not survive the next century on just one planet alone. So for the sake of our generation and the ones to follow we must, I repeat, Must relocate to Mars and beyond.
    Now i realise Mars isnt easy, There is no Cold War political pressure to beat someone to it, As of so far. And some people just aren't up for a challenge. You may talk about the immense cost of going there, But won't the cost of piling up on earth be even more severe? Luckily in this day and age, There are also private corporations like SpaceX and Blue Origin pioneering in space travel and taking the cost off the government and the sometimes unwilling Tax Payer. Adding onto this NASA have announced that their new Artemis programme will take man back to the moon in 2024 (this is the first time since 1972) does this mean the possibility of a second home isnt over yet? Only time will tell.
    All it takes is for Nasa to take a couple hundred billion out the US military budget and cost problem is over.

  • Too dangerous and too costly.

    If we send people to Mars, There will be casualties. Assuming the astronauts aren't killed on the way there, They will die of radiation on the surface or get caught in a dust devil. Also, What's the point? There is nothing we can do there that Rovers cannot. It's way too expensive and for little payoff.

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