• Depends on the act.

    Could be considered manslaughter, if the victim commits suicide or not. If the victim commits suicide because the cyber bullying, the bully technically killed that person. So what it really boils down to is what the bully said and how the victim reacted to it. I don't know if that is an actual crime, it honestly just depends because the bully 'killed' that person.

  • Why would you?

    First off why would you even think about bullying that's like the oust shallow thing to do plus if the bulling has been going for a long time then that's when they should start with charges but t is hurtful.
    On thing to do that's really helpful for the bully is to tell an adult as soon as possible because if you don't act on it then it case some series stuff like suicide and well that's when you have to act.

  • Harassment and bullying are too vague.

    When you look at these terms as they began as compared to what they seem to mean today, they have changed. Originally, there was an idea of the persistence of action and the impact on the individual. It was predicated on the idea of invasion of the person's life, and driving them to anxiety and a feeling of being in danger.

    The fact that cyber bullying can be anything from disagreeing with someone in an online forum and posting ad nauseum about it (considering we don't have to read the posts of others and the like) to cyber stalking and threats of violence, means we need a lot more ground work if this is ever going to make any sense.

  • The Internet is a harsh place.

    If a person gets on the internet willingly, then they most definitely are aware that anything posted will be visible to practically anyone. Therefore, by posting something, they then accept the possibility that someone may take the opportunity to perform cruel acts to that person. However, if a child below the age of 10 years old commits suicide from such an act, it is hardly fair to punish the "bully". While the child may be the one who had obtained access of internet capabilities, the parent is the overall authority in the household. Thus, they should be charged and imprisoned for both negligence and voluntary manslaughter. But hey, that's just my opinion.

    Posted by: YFNG
  • Cyber bullies should not be sent to prison.

    Firstly there is a spectrum of cyber bulling and worryingly it is becoming easier and i do believe that there should be deterrents and controls for the people that do bully and troll people on-line however, is prison sentence a suitable punishment? Maybe in a very small number of very serious cases in which people are driven to suicide. Its a complicated topic of which bullies are buffered to the effects they have on their victims. Either you vote yes or no im sure we would all agree that there needs to be more education on the matter in the times we live in. Chris

  • Not for cyberbullying itself

    As another commenter said it's too broad. What falls under cyberbullying is somewhat subjective. So people can know they are following the law laws should be specific about what they mean and when they will be enforced.

    Furthermore this runs into free speech in some cases. There are mean things one might call bullying and which can justly be punished in a school setting but which would violate free speech if they were punished by the government.

    There are cases of cyberbullying that should result in legal action. If someone is spreading false rumors online that's slander but that's a civil matter not a criminal matter. They should be sued but not imprisoned.

    If someone online makes threats against life, limb, or property then that's already illegal. It's called "assault". Then they should go to prison for the most part. For minor threats against property there may be some cases where particularly for a minor community service, fines, and probation may be better, so it is good judges have discretion in these cases.

  • It is too broad a charge

    If people were sent to jail on ground of bullying at all with todays definition of a bully, bullies would be sent to jail simply for being mean for a while, or acting rashly while in a bad mood, its to harsh a punishment to give a person who may have been bullied themself or is having a bad day.

  • There is no certain classification as a 'Cyber Bully'

    Some people will go further until they claim that it is cyber bullying. For example a 'You Loser' Might no be considered bullying by some, but for others it is really bad. They shouldn't be sent to jail unless apparent future actions stated on the computer actually do come into place

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