• Yes we should.

    We should send kids to school at the age of 4.5. There is no reason to not start a kids education as soon as possible. This will help them have a jump start in their education and will let them succeed as adults. There is no downside to putting kids in school early.

  • Yes, we should.

    Kids should start school as soon as possible. This will enhance their learning opportunities as they will be in school longer. It will also allow some of the developmentally delayed children a longer window in which to develop their learning abilities. This will also decrease the childcare burden for many low income families as their kids can now go to school.

  • Yes, why not

    Most kids are ready for some form of structured education before that age, so I see no issues with kids going to school that early. At an age that early, kids still enjoy learning. It's best to capitalize on that while it's still a true statement, get them started and keep them interested as long as possible.

  • Some Kids can Handle School at Younger Ages

    Many, but not all, children can handle the rigors of school at the age of four-and-a-half. School shouldn't be compulsory at this age, though, because not all children can handle the stress. With that in mind, students can still take this opportunity to get ahead in school and start maturing at a younger age, which is always a positive.

  • Earlier the better

    Studies show that the earlier kids start school, the more they can remember and retain. Now, I'm not saying we should be giving toddlers a lot of homework and stress, but they do need to go to school to start on their basics earlier. If they start on level, then it will be harder to fall behind.

  • Earlier does not equate to better

    Starting school earlier does not result in long term gains. Short term gains are possible, but eventually everyone else catches up. It's a wash in the end. Kids who begin formal education at age 4 are not better readers than those who begin at age 7. Example: Research Finland. Let your kids play.

  • Kid deserve time to learn for themselves before standardised education.

    It has been shown that educating children at a younger age is not at all the best way to raise a child.
    In the Nordic countries where children don't learn to read or write until the age of 6-7, they have some of the best literacy rates in all of Europe and the entire world.

    A study showed that nearly all children in a kindergarten class could thinking of hundreds of uses of a pencil. The same class 10 years later could only think of about 20 at the most. The reason is due to intensive education systems that push kids down a narrow pathway and are not educated on how to think for themselves.

    Children have a right to a good life, education at the earliest age is not the answer.

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