• Why do you think that they shouldn't go overseas?

    There are so many people that have gone overseas and have lost their lives, But why do you think that they did? For people like you who didn't want them to go. To protect you and your snobby assed faces who think that they are better off here not doing a damn thing about anything. Have you ever thought that maybe they wanted to go and serve?

    Some people actually want to go overseas. Not only to get away from people who don't support their life's choices but also to help. They aren't just helping us, They are helping people who don't have the manpower to help themselves.

    Grow up and stop talking about things that you have no right talking about.

  • Protecting our front

    Not gonna write a lot but let me say this if we don't hold down the fort and keep enemies at bay then we are gonna have problems and its gonna affect the country and other innocent peoples lives in different places. So sending troops is a good solution. Ok?

  • Do you want to die

    If we don't help other countries and they get took over, it will go one by one then we will be affected by it and we wont be able to do anything to stop it because they will have a bigger force then us so if we help now we can stop that from happening. Unless YOU WANNA DIE. Of course.

  • Stop being a greedy little shit

    People are living there lives in constant fear and thousands of people are dying due to inhumane reasons. Other citizens need us, but I would not expect any better from a nation that would elect Donald Trump as president. You are all extremely fortunate to live in the US and if you don't realize that, then you need to spend a month in Syria. Soldiers know the risks of going to war and those who lose their lives are commendable people, who deserve to go somewhere better after. If you think there is no benefit, then use your brain. Not only would overthrowing corrupt dictatorships boost your countries image and the likelihood of other countries wanting to establish positive relations, it will also result in gaining respect from the UN. Many of you don't know shit about whats going on in the world and need to open your fucking eyes. We may have different colored eggshells but what is inside is the same, and not sending aid is what is fueling terrorism and a hatred for american citizens.

  • The us should send troops to other countries

    The us should send troops to other countries . People defend the us and the military fight others not cause they dislike them , its because there threatning the us . The us have been fighting other countries for years and in return we have gained allies and respect along with freedom and independence .

  • The united states should send troop to other countries

    The united states should send troops to other countries because if the citizens of that country are in danger they need help and we should defend those who can't defend themselves . If we refuse to help people being oppressed then we are no better than the people oppressing them. Not doing something is doing something. If america really is the great country we want to be then we need to help people who can't help themselves regardless of faith or nationality .

  • We defend this nation and fight the others not cause we dislike them,it's cause they threaten us!.

    We have been fighting other country's for years and in return we have gained allies and respect along with freedom and independence.Why do any of you [opposites] think we had so many wars?,it's cause the many enemies threatened us but we fought back and won each one to show who has power.Now I ask,what do you think we should do?!.

  • Yes we should

    We should because the world needs our support to fight off other wars or just sent stoops to help fight Isis and save the people in help such as the people in places. So yes we should sent troops to fight other wars for countries that are in need right now.

  • America should support those countries which are unable to defend them

    America is considered a powerful country and to show that power they should support developing countries which are unable to defend themselves. It is injustice with those who are suffering from terrible loss what's the use of having power if you can't use at times of needs. UNMO is the organization which is formed to help defend those countries which need defense.

  • Countries need america!!!!!!

    Look, other countries are struggling, and tbh we are starting to struggle to. We need to get our economy and our rep up. I say send more troops to help out because this will end up helping us in the long run. STOP THINKING ABOUT NOW, AND THINK ABOUT OUR FUTURE!

  • Nooo no no

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  • No, I think not!

    No. I am a conservative, and I think not. It is too expensive. Innocent people (soldiers) are risking their own lives and dying for wars that weren't even our fight in the first place. I feel that doing this is just inhumane. We are killing off our own people for other countries that have done nothing for our country.

  • No sirree! :/

    The more troops we end to other countries, the more danger we put America in. It is not safe. I'm sorry but that is my answer. Plus, when you think of troops, you think a bunch of 25+ year olds but there are also teenagers that haven't lived such a long life yet.

  • Let other countries help them

    The United States keeps sending our soldiers to fight and die for other countries. If we was at war, then yes. But so many of our soldiers die for nothing, like the vietnam war, iraq, etc. Why can't other countries help them, and quit sending our troops to die every time 2 countries are fighting.

  • Have no reason

    Its not our war, let them fight, only the strongest will survive and stuff.
    The United states has more troops in other countries than any other big power, such as Russia. Sending troops causes potential fear and anger from surrounding countries. The Us army has no business with small countries and should maybe consider defending its Borders. Currently, more than 65 percent of Latin Americans come into the United states legally.

  • Sending troops to war is expensive!

    1. Twelve years ago, the United States fell into the Iraq war with little thought on how much it would cost or how they would pay for it. Two trillion dollars later, the U.S. was about to go into another conflict once again with no finical strategy on how to pay for it. The war on terror added 1.8 trillion to the U.S. debt. That was a 10% increase for war spending not including the expenses incurred by other departments. This also effects the lost jobs that could have been created. With every 1 billion spent it creates more jobs and add more money to the economy. The U.S already has huge amounts of debt towards other nations such as China, so how do we expect to pay for another huge war with no financial strategy. All this money will be spent on a war that we might not even win.

  • Who are we now?

    People think we should end troops to other countries but we shouldn't because we are losing live and the more we loss the less we have to fight for us. If we have kn ow one to fight then other countries can attack us. I agree with people who doesn't want troops to go over seas because we have to know our family and love ones are safe and sound were wherever they were.

  • Stop fighting other peoples fights

    About 6,800 soldiers die each year overseas. We don't need to fight other peoples fight they should be able to fight on there own. I know we are trying to help but is it really worth it?? We spend over 150 billion dollars over on the military bases. We also might eventually lead to war.

  • Lots of lives lost, America is not any safer, Iraq and Afghanistan clearly not better off.

    Thousands of American life's lost, Hundreds of thousand total life's lost, and more people want to hurt Americans than ever. Who would have thought years of occupation and the death of 100,000 people plus by American hands make America more safe. Are as far as helping the Iraq and Afghanistan, ask the people of those countries if they are better off now.
    America should stick to protecting itself and its allies, and stay out of civil wars.

  • Why risk lives for nothing?

    In 2003, the United States also went to war in Iraq. Members
    of the U.S. government claimed that the Iraqi regime had
    weapons of mass destruction that could be used against
    Americans. Many people in the U.S. were not convinced that
    these weapons existed and did not support this war. Some
    people believed that the war in Iraq was more about protecting
    an oil supply to support the American economy. In the end, the
    weapons of mass destruction were never found and 4487
    members of the military died fighting for this cause. They risked their lives for something that the government believed was there. In the end they all dies because the government thought there were weapons of mass destruction. The only weapon of mass destruction here is the government

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