• Yes of course

    Just because everyone says no we shouldn't doesn't make it correct. If art would be the same as life exactly then all museums would close and their would be no such thing called art anyway, just beauty, perhaps that should happen, because what we are subjected to these days as art or in the name if art, is annoying, but just as useless as looking around you and seeing something beautiful. But, the disadvantage of art being exactly life and vice versa is that the space that art creates around it for discussions such as these would cease to exist, we would be muted and handicapped with a wholistic life-beauty that has no possibility to reflect on itself.

  • No art is life.

    Art should not and can not be separate from life. It would not be completely and totally possible to do so anyways. Art is when we look around and see something beautiful, like a rainbow, or a sunset. Artist just see that moment and capture in paintings, or in drawings.

  • No, we should not.

    Art should never have to be separate from life. Life is a beautiful thing, any artist would want to capture it and draw, or paint it in their own eyes. Life gives artist inspiration to come up with masterpieces, which gives others inspiration when they see the amazing thing they did.

  • No, you can not.

    You can not and should not separate art from life. It would impossible to do so in the first place. Art is in the eye of the beholder, as long as someone sees something as art, it will remain as such. Life is beautiful and no one should talk that away.

  • No, it would be impossible.

    It would be 100% impossible to separate art from life. Everything we see when we look outside is a beautiful work of art, made in its own way at its own time. Art is how people see and perceive things, it is more of a concept than an actual person, place or thing.

  • No, we should not.

    Art and life are one in the same. It would be nearly impossible to separate art from life. When we see a mountain and think, "that is beautiful," that is a type of art work. Nature, and life, has created that mountain, but it is still a wondrous thing to those who admire it.

  • No, we should not.

    We should not have to separate art from life. Art can be anything we want it to be, it is in the eye of the beholder. One of the most inspirational and amazing things about art is that artist can use our life and lives to create something breath taking and beautiful.

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