• Shame the fat out of them!

    If we publicly shame fat people then they can't serve as role models for younger potential fatties. It may encourage fats to lose weight. This will also create new jobs as more people will be going to the gym, therefore more gyms will open.
    More all you can eat buffets will open, as there will be less fat people to take advantage of the "all you can eat" deal.
    The NHS and other health services will have less strain on them, meaning waiting rooms will be less filled. If the shaming kicks off globally, other countries may even be able to justify having free health care without the fats around. This will increase health globally.
    There might be enough food left for Africa to finally eat.

  • They are fat shits

    Fat people do not deserve to live because they are taking over this earth and it is not okay. They take after their fat mums and dads which is really disappointing. They should all be given the death sentence so that they can be hung. I am calling out Emilee Gomez because she is the fattest of them all.

  • Fat niggas lame asf bruh

    If youre fat you don't get sympathy you fat shit you should go to the gym and get swole because being fat is no good u gotta go do some cleans and some bench maybe some squats and definitely some deadlifts for your fat fucking body nigga get swole bruther

  • Direct disapproval leads to action

    By signalling overweight people as people who are not healthy, we will let them know why they are being excluded, as opposed to not engaging the problem, or silently offering a sort of indirect approval/state of uncertainty for them. I do not believe that fat people should be bullied or treated as less human than anyone else. In fact, by letting them know that they are a part of human society just like everyone else, that they should respect the same standards as everybody else, and that they should take care of their health (which includes keeping their body weight in check), I believe that we will be voicing our concerns most directly, and make people change for the better.
    Eat fresh vegetables and drink water instead of Coke and burgers. Do at least a bit of exercise. Do it for your body's sake.

  • Fat people !

    Fat people are blobs and should be dealt with. They are costing the Nhs billions of pounds and it needs to stop. Your self-worth is really low if you think being fat is acceptable. These people simply need to eat less and exercies more. It is so simple my dog could do it

  • Self worth and respect

    Unfortunately today ppl are fatter than ever! And it hurts my eyes and my pride in America. Due to Fat Blindness, many overweight persons doin't even know they are fat. This is because their freinds or relatives are fatties so they think they are normal. Well, perhaps they are 'averate' in today's growing cow farm, but they are NOT HEALTHY. The message that 'Body Positivity' is sending to our kids is that it's ok to be lazy, piggish and slovenly. I don't want my children thinking it's a good thing to get diabetes, suffer heart and lung problems and not excercize. Fatties who blame genetics are worse than the rest. Nature didn't make people verweight. Lack of pride, lack of control and sheer gluttony and greed are what did it to you. Yes we should tell fat ppl they are fat and that they need to lose weight. It's for their own good and the good of our future generations. IF an alcoholic goes to the Dr , the Dr tells them to stop drinking. Any Dr. Who fails to tell a fat person to lose weight shoudn't be a Dr. But the health industry is aftraid to offend, because they might get blamed or sued. I'm amazed we cater to people who put a strain on our budge and Medicare. We are all paying fo their laziness and greediness.

  • We don't say it's ok to smoke, so why do we say it's ok to be fat ?

    Being fat means you are unhealthy. It means you will die younger. It means you will suffer many different health issues related to being fat. We don't tell people it's ok to smoke, but some people say it's ok to be fat... Why ? It's unhealthy and it costs the taxpayers money. We should care a little less about what metrosexuals in skinny jeans think and apply some science and logic to the topic. These days everyone cares about their feelings and not hurting people, but if fat people think it's socially acceptable to be fat, they aren't going to change. It's time they had a rude awakening. I'm not saying we have to be rude, but there isn't much way to approach it nicely, have you ever tried to tell someone in a nice way that they could do with loosing a little weight ? It's like you said the ultimate sin to these people and they instantly go on the defensive. When I realised I was outside the BMI normal range, I did something about it. I cut out fizzy drinks, snacks, and ate less. Now I'm normal BMI again, my wife told me I could do with some weight loss and I instantly agreed with her and did something about it.

    Everyone can loose weight. You don't need pills or Dr Internets special program... You just need to EAT LESS. It's not genetic, you don't have big bones, you just eat too much. Eat less and you will loose weight. Fact. Oh but you went on a low fat diet and ate less and you didn't loose weight ? No, you lied, you didn't eat less. Simple.

  • Crime against health!

    As a crime against health, obesity should not be accepted. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that is a good thing, but gross obesity is an awful thing to do to yourself. I don't suppose most people plan to get over weight. I think things we can't control about ourselves (height, skin colour, hair colour for example) should be out of bounds for treating about but things within are control are fair game. We absolutely can control our weight though it may be hard. Obese ppl often say they don't eat much - I beg to differ. There's a woman who must weigh 25 stone near me in mcdonalds right now. She's eating a large Big Mac meal with a thick shake. She needs to do the math. It makes me cringe.

  • It really depends

    I don't care if they're fat until our tax dollars are used to pay for their healthcare. At that point they're fat and should be fat shamed so we don't have to keep wasting our money on pointless things. Its okay to be a little over weight but being fat and taking government money to pay for your health problems is a big FAT no no.

  • Nothing Good About It.

    We shouldn't support or become an enabler for fat or obese people. Obesity comes with a huge number of health problems. It isn't a lifestyle people shouldn't try to be happy with. Unless they want to live a life of suffering and not live life to the fullest. Obesity is just one way of killing yourself, if you want to make your life short, that's one dumb way to go. Obese people won't change until we encouraged them to be healthier people, you can't go around accepting every lifestyle out there, as some are nonsense that only bring negative effects to the environment and themselves. Obesity isn't beauty, healthy, right, or acceptable. It's something that needs to be fixed, otherwise rippel affects would just happen and makes things worse than they already are.

  • They are People

    Its not there fault. Actually its the governments fault as they wanted to fix the corn growing problem and instead of giving it to the needy Africans. They made corn syrup which causes a lot of health problems. This product is in everything and make people fat easily and there children.

  • This a messed up and an ignorant idea

    Just because someone's different doesn't mean you should knock the way they live. Besides, who cares if someone's fat or obese? It's not one's problem or their concern on how someone looks. Not to mention it's not always their fault, some people gain weight off a few health issues that doesn't involve eating. Getting older, Pregnancy, stress at work, little time to exercise, not being able to exercise due to disability, etc. Some people need to take a look at both sides of the issue before coming up such childish ideas.

  • It depends on the person

    There are lots of different reasons people become fat. Sometimes it is just lack of self-control and laziness, which might be shameful but it's also crossing the line to shame someone you don't know if you just see a fat person out somewhere. They may be slowly killing themselves, but they aren't harming anyone else unless they're so uncontrollably morbidly obese it affects everyone around them in some way. But then it depends on how you define "fat."
    Children and teens should never be fat shamed. It would really hurt their self-esteem. That doesn't mean to promote an unhealthy lifestyle, just to respect the individual. Health and nutrition education are critically important for young people, as sometimes ignorance is the problem. Their parents could have given them bad habits from such a young age that it's hard to break.
    For adults, sometimes it's just lack of time or motivation to exercise, especially if they work a desk job and are sitting all day. That and peer pressure (which affects adults too, unfortunately), and stress and depression can cause people to overeat or overindulge in things they know they shouldn't be eating. If someone's mental health is already poor, calling them out for their fatness will only exacerbate the problem. They might even get fatter! It's really ignorant and inconsiderate to assume you know something about someone's situation just from their appearance... I think it's only okay if you know the person personally, and you're familiar with their habits and can see they clearly aren't trying at all to fix the problem.

  • Bullying doesn't motivate people

    When we are afraid of criticism, we are less likely to do something. So if someone who wants to lose weight wants to go out on a run in their neighborhood, but is afraid of criticism from their neighbors, they are less likely to go out for a walk or run because they are afraid. It takes a lot of courage to do something that you are afraid to do, and fat-shaming makes people afraid to like themselves. The first step before picking up healthy habits is to find some self-worth. If you don't value yourself, you aren't going to want to help yourself live healthier. People are saying that fat-shaming, or de-valuing somebody because of their size or weight, is "motivation", like okay totally so does bullying motivate kids to make friends? Of course not. Fat shaming is an excuse to be able to make fun of others and call it help. If we created a more accepting world, fat people could accept themselves and become their healthiest selves. Also, they say smiling is good for you- Shaming makes people cry. Bullying can lead people to self-harm, and not taking care of your body is one form of self-harm. Even if fat shaming would help one or two fat people lose a few pounds, it makes every fat person lose their happiness, while being nice to people is much more effective by allowing people to keep their happiness. Nobody has time to plan a run when your offensive comment keeps running through their head. Nobody can take complete care of themselves when their mental health is impaired, so why would fat-shaming help people become healthier when it hurts people's mental health?

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