• Absolutely because it works in preventing teen pregnancy.

    Teens do not understand the extreme responsibility of bringing a baby into the world. Talking to teens about avoiding pregnancy will not work because the enormous drive to procreate cannot be overcome by a teens mental capabilities because it has proven the frontal lobes of the brain that can act on correct knowledge has not yet been fully developed. How else to combat the internal hard-wiring of a teen to procreate? Shame. The emotion of shame on teen pregnancy works because it works on the other hard-wiring of the brain to conform to society or otherwise be shunned out and have to face the dangers of the external environment on her own which could mean starvation. Starvation is a stronger motivator to act accordingly. Shame which would trigger fears of starvation often does work to stave off teen pregnancy.

  • Yes, teens need to understand why teen pregnancy is so undesirable.

    Our society has become tolerant in the extreme. To avoid hurting anyone's delicate feelings, we now pretend certain situations and choices are perfectly acceptable. Even when they are clearly damaging to society and the individuals facing them. Shame can be an effective deterrent, especially since many teens cannot comprehend the reality of parenthood at such a young age,

  • Ew, Teen Pregnancy

    It's disgusting to be doing what is takes to get pregnant as a teenager that young. If Americans stopped coddling their children and making everything seem ok then children would take adults seriously when they warn kids. Teen pregnancy should be shamed because it's a shameful mistake. It's not like the girl wanted the baby she was just being slutty. The world doesn't need more kids its already overpopulated. . .

  • Yes punish the teens in the most cruel way

    First in my opinion its just sick to have hardcore sex as a teen it should be illegal.Second most teenagers aren't smart at all (I said it the nice way I could of been much worst.) Third most teenagers give there child a I Phone and think it will raise them, the child will know how to use a I Phone before they can walk or talk or even crawl which makes the child stupid.Fourth most teenagers do not know how to take care of a baby and the baby mostly ends up dying. The teens think sex is okay at there age it is not. The child might grow up like there parents perverts. And if the teen is getting raped they know how to hurt somebody they could of knocked out the rapist but no they just lay and enjoy getting fucked by a 50 year old. This generation is full of idiots and it needs to stop today Shame teen pregnancy if you don't soon there might be child having hard core sex.In conclusion I don't think sex is ever okay only if you are doing it to reproduce but you should be at least 21 or older

  • It should be illegal

    A child having a child is definetely not OK. If they can't get a job and afford to move out of their parents house and raise their kid on their own then they shouldn't be allowed to have a baby in the first place. Birth control should be mandatory and if someone gets magically pregnant with birth control then abortion should happen. Makes no sense that teenage pregnancy is even allowed when they don't even have the same rights as adults.

  • It is gross!

    I don’t know why people think it is okay to be pregnant as a teen. I think both the parents and the teen should be shamed. The parents should be shamed for letting their daughter be a reckless slut! The daughter should also be shamed for doing it without protection. Let alone doing it at all! I mean think about it, losing your virginity at such a young age and without marrying the person. I honestly think is is terrible how there are some young women out there who will just sleep with anyone and get pregnant. :/

  • It Warns Other Teens To Not Make The Same Mistake

    There is no doubt about it, teenage pregnancy will continue within a society that demonstrates loving support to those who suffer from it. In some K-12 schools, children as young as 5 are being exposed to communication opportunities with mothers as young as 15. Observations made at such an early age would stick in the back of the heads of those unfortunate lower elementary school children until the day they die. Young kids and teenagers must not think such actions are okay, it does not matter how much you tell them it isn't, they will see others advocating it and then the damage is done. For instance, many poor LGBTQ children are depressed due to the fact that it seems as though everyone is advocating against them, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ. Teen pregnancy, however, is actually a problem, and it will continue to occur, just like gay shame would if people keep harassing them, in a society where it even slightly appears to be socially and morally acceptable.

  • Teens shouldn't be allowed to become parents in the first place.

    When my mom was in high school, and she graduated in 1980, pregnant teenagers were ashamed and weren't congratulated for their stupidity. Now, we have teen parents on tv shows (and a significant increase in kids named Bentley, ugh), the teen's parents are excited to be grandparents, they're having baby showers, acting like teen pregnancy is something that should be celebrated. Why? There's a 50% chance a teen mom won't finish high school and children of teen parents are more likely to become teen parents themselves, thus continuing the cycle of others being responsible for caring for a child that was birthed by a child. So not only are teen parents messing up their own lives (and most likely new grandma and grandpa's lives), they're also setting their child up to be another statistic and make the same mistakes they did. In most places in the world, condoms are easily obtained. I was able to get birth control pills at 16 without my parent's knowledge and for free at my local clinic. Before that, I got free condoms from a bowl at the front desk of the clinic. If you're old enough and think you're mature enough to be a teen/young parent, then you're old enough and mature enough to obtain contraception. There's no excuse for teenage pregnancy. All but one of my high school friends had a baby before they graduated. Most of them had several children by age 21. Too many young people are out there actually trying to get pregnant young, not just teenagers either, because they think it will save a relationship, improve a relationship, or make them closer to each other. It doesn't. Studies have shown that having a baby generally makes you more miserable and negatively affects your relationship. These teen parents want a pat on the back for not using contraception and then deciding to care for a child when they can't even care for themselves (or figure out how to use a condom, Plan B, or do the smart thing and have an abortion). It's bad enough, you can find cute little graphics talking about how mature you are and how you'll be young enough to have fun with your kids since you're a teen mom that you can share on Facebook... Having a child before the age of 25 should be illegal, I think even 25 is too young, and having a child that young is stupid to me. Mandatory birth control is something I could get behind. Or, simply not allowing a teen or young adult to have the option to carry a pregnancy. But, since teens and young people will continue to make poor decisions and the stigma around abortion doesn't seem like it will go away any time soon , shame both of them. Too often, it's only the girls being shamed. The boys need to be shamed as well since they participated and neither one of them had the foresight to use contraception properly.

  • Yes, it should be shamed.

    The vast majority of the time, the result of teen pregnancy isn't going to lead anywhere positive, simply ensuring that the cycle of poverty continue within the family, and cause further burden on the government for assistance. And at that age what are you going to teach your kid? You don't know anything about anything yet as much as you'd like to pretend you know it all. Growing up, shame was a huge deterrent, especially in a private religious school. It wasn't considered all cute like it is now on social and in public schools. Yeah, welfare is real cute. Enjoy.

  • It should be shamed.

    Teenage pregnancy should be shamed upon because it's the only thing they will acknowledge. If people began being more honest about it and shaming it, I think the rates would go down because no one wants to be look at like there disgusting. Teenagers already hide there individuality to prevent themselves from being judged and victims of bullies. And realistically it's not helping anyone. They put themselves and the baby in potential danger. There career takes a huge break, and in most cases will never continue. They will not be able to lead an independent life for atleast 3+ years as they need to be able to provide for themselves and the child financially, mentally and emotionally. Also it puts so much extra pressure on the Government. They can't afford to give anymore money to he NHS or to give it to teenage mothers in child benefits.
    Simply it should be shamed upon because it is disgusting.

  • Teen pregnancy .

    Teen pregnancy should he an option . And a teen mom should not be shamed because their a teen mom or dad. But i also think you should finish school first or go to a special school for teen moms . I also think you should talk about having the baby.

  • How would you feel?

    I would like to start out by saying I am not a teen mother. I had 3 friends that got pregnant in high school. One who did not care what anyone said to her about her pregnancy, one who cried more than she ever should have had to because people were so rude to her, and one who considered abortion and got shamed by people for even considering it. Society makes it especially hard on teens to be pregnant. Yes, it should be taught that teen pregnancy is wrong before it happens , but after it has already happened, what is the point in shaming teen girls who already know they have made mistake. I don't know about other people in this post but I think that abortion should NEVER be encouraged. I feel that if the teen makes the decision to have sex, they should have to carry the baby full term and keep it or give it up for adoption. The girl is already pregnant she knows what she has done, what is the point in shaming her? Shaming pregnant teens will only make them feel so bad about their selves to the point that they may contemplate suicide. I have seen it happening. You see parents posting all over social media how bullying is SOOOOO BAD, which it is, BUT the you see the same parent BULLYNG PREGNANT TEENAGE GIRLS! Its honestly horrible. It makes me sick to see this STILL going on in todays society when it has been happening for years now. Then there is the type of shaming that people do that are because teen girls relationships will not last with the father. This is definitely one of my favorites. Teens who usually are no married to the child's father when pregnant is the same thing as older women that are in the same situation. If you ask me, there is almost the same amount of older women out sleeping around with men as there is teens. Come on people, it is definitely time to get over teen pregnancy . I am NOT saying to encourage it, but why make the girls feel worse then they already do. We need to help and support them after the fact so that they will make the right decisions for these unborn children.

  • We definitely shouldn't

    Shaming a teen girl for getting pregnant is disgusting. You don't know why she's pregnant. She could have been raped, or drunk. And people make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes bring something positive. Shaming a girl for being pregnant can also hurt her self worth. Being told she's easy and called horrible names can hurt people. Some amazing people have been born because their mothers had them as teenagers.

  • We shouldn't SHAME the girl...

    Sure, it may or may not be completely wrong, it depends on your view of it yes, but shaming the girl for getting pregnant on accident (most likely) is NOT the way to go. For example, i mean if the girl got pregnant by an un-expectancy, like the condom broke or etc.. Don't blame her, it wasn't her fault.

  • No teen pregnancy should not be shamed.

    Its not going to make the situation better if you are constantly harping on a teen who has become pregnant. Think about how she may feel if she becomes pregnant and knows that no one around her is going to support her. Knowing that teen pregnancy is shamed upon she may look for a way out that could be potentially harmful to her or her child. It is the decision of the pregnant teen whether she wants to have a child and become a parent so early on and not be influenced by society's negative thoughts.

  • No, we need to support her.

    No, I absolutely do not believe teen pregnancy should be shamed. A young teen mother who may find herself unexpectedly pregnant needs loving support. She needs people around her who will give her guidance and be there for her when she is weighing the decisions she must make. Nothing good can come from shaming.

  • Shaming does not help the situation.

    In the past teenage pregnancy was shunned and there were no less teenage pregnancy than there is now. It causes kids to seek dangerous unprofessional abortions which can at the very best result in their incapacity to have children in the future and at the worst end in their own death. Often these backyard abortions don't work but in fact can cause the baby to be born with serious defects.

  • I say no

    I do not think that we can really hope to gain anything as a people if we decide that teen pregnancy is worth shaming. It will not change the fact that the teen is pregnant. I think that we should not glorify it, but we also should not go so far as to shame it.

  • Support them, not shame them

    Most teens don't get pregnant on purpose and once it happens what good is shaming them. Society should be supporting them so they don't become a burden to society. Schools and parents definitely need to be discussion all options regarding sex including the benefits of waiting, birth control, and abstinence. We know it's hard to have a child so young, but lets not make it more difficult for those that are already facing the challenge.

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