• Humans should work together to creat a more scientific community.

    I would say that it would have to start with education. But ultimately it would lead to humans regardless of race religion working on things like propultion systems, alternative energy sources that will ensure our survival as a species once earth can no longer sustain its population. This is why capitolism makes me sick. It takes away much needed resources that will be so important if we are ever to get of this rock we call earth. It is only a matter of time and as we don't know when that will be our best bet is moving out into the stars.

  • Yes...and no. But, mostly yes.

    While it would be genetically unsound to say that all of the world should have one driving force of coexistence (strife and conflict keep evolution moving forward, after all..And necessity is the mother of invention), it would be appropriate to say that we do need to keep the greater goal of NOT harming our surrounding to the point of fatal toxicity or nuclear holocaust.

  • Yes, we should.

    Our species could benefit and most likely last longer if we had a common goal to share. Humans need to realize that the world will not last forever, even if it will still be here for our individual lifetime, we need to see past that and look towards the future for our children.

  • It is essential.

    I believe it is essential for the human species to share a common goal amongst each other. Without having a common goal, we will cease to exist. As a species, we need to work together to maintain our habitat. We need to work together on lessening deforestation, the pollution of our air and the thinning of our ozone layer. We also need to raise awareness of overpopulation because at the rate we are going, we will eventually run out of food and places to live, which will in turn cause the destruction of our species.

  • The human species needs a common goal to survive.

    I believe strongly that the human race will not survive without a common goal to share. That goal is easy to say but hard, not impossible to do and that goal is to work towards the elimination of evil. We simply have to use what we all as humans have within us goodness, ethics and morality. We can start simply at home with our family and then our community and the leaders we choose.

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