• Don't shield all of earth

    Shielding the earth would have major implications for life. Nothing would survive. The sun is our life. Without it we wouldn't be here. But if we shaded the earth with a screening device we can still allow some light and heat from the sun to pass through and shield some of the UV thus slowing global warming

  • It won't help anything.

    I think the idea of shielding the planet from the sun is a terrible idea. It would be unbelievably expensive to do so, especially from space, and it is almost certain to have massive unintended consequences, changing the climate in ways we could not predict, and causing more problems then it would solve.

  • Sheilding our planet from the sun is a guarunteed way to ensure human extinction

    Throughout human history, there are many constants. However, one constant is more significant, and more important, to human culture, life, and history than any other -- the sun. Shielding our planet from the sun would be the ultimate folly--the very lifeblood of our planet, feeding our plants, which create our oxygen, allowing humans to exist, is the sun, and eliminating that all but seals our fate of extinction. The last time the sun was blocked out for a significant time, dinosaurs became extinct.

  • No, I don't believe we should shield our planet from the sun.

    I believe that unless the sun is posing an immediate danger to the earth we shouldn't try to shield the planet from the sun, that will disrupt much of the farming of the world today and could lead to food shortages and such, I don't see a viable reason why we should see the earth from the sun.

  • The sun is life.

    No, we should not shield our planet from the sun, because the sun is what gives us life. In places where the sun is far away, like Pluto, there is not enough energy given by the sun in order to sustain life. The sun is our friend. It is what gives us life and makes plants grow. We should welcome the sun, not avoid it.

  • How would that work

    The sun is not the problem anyways, people are. I am imagining this is about the warming of the planet. There is no realistic way to shield the planet from the sun. Even if we were to figure out a way, it would probably make things worse by creating more of a green house gas effect. Not only that, but people need the sun for vitamin D. Plants need sunlight to live and grow. It just would not make sense.

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