• They need help the end

    People who vape are not in the right mind. They are risking their health and lives. All to get happiness that will quickly fade away if they stop. So yeah, Shun them off or force them to go to rehab. If they accept rehab, Leave the rest to the professionals and if their too stubborn to listen to you, Then just let them ruin their lives. They inflicted the punishment on themselves and we should just let them do it if their too stubborn to accept our advice on why not to vape.

  • No - only boomer retards and tobacco lobbyists piss themselves over vaping.

    Vaping is much healthier than smoking cigarettes, Cancer sticks have a shitload of carcinogens in them that literally f***ing destroy your body - people who vape for a long time have zero problems whilst smokers tend to get lung cancer and holes in their throats. So yeah, Vape nation all the way for me.

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