Should we significantly reduce the use of antibiotics?

  • Why We Should Reduce Antibiotics!

    Of course antibiotics are needed. But people these days are overusing antibiotics. This is why we need to resuse our intake of antibiotics.

    Reason Nr 1: They also kill good bacteria ( bacteria which helps our body function ( Ex: Bacteria which helps us digest )

    Reason Nr 2: They couse many side affects like stomach ache, diarrhea and sometimes even alegic reaction.

    Reason Nr 3: Humans are consuming antibiotics so often that people are becoming Immune to then so that the antibiotics no longer work.

    Reason Nr 4: Our immune system is weakening by the antibiotics making it easier to get sick.

  • Yes, it is not good.

    The more antibiotics you take the more super bugs you get, and it also kills the good bacteria in you. This makes you more tired and even more ill. I do agree that we need to use it if absolutely necessary, but that is not very often. So I think we need to cut down on antibiotics.

  • Yes, we need to stop using antibiotics.

    Bacteria evolve and antibiotics don't, giving the bacteria a resistance to the antibiotics, and it's becoming increasingly harder to develop new antibiotics. The way to avoid returning to the pre-antibiotic era is to not focus research and prescriptions on new antibiotics, but instead on bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are like antibiotics except they're viruses. This has several benefits:
    1) with antibiotics, the amount given is the amount available, but bacteriophages can reproduce and grow in number, and even infect other people.
    2) Bacteriophages are very specific, they only attack the desired bacterium and don't harm the others along the way.
    3) bacteriophages can evolve to keep up with the evolving bacteria, so that the bacteria don't become resistant to them.
    We need to stop using antibiotics and use bacteriophages instead.

  • Yes! They should be banned!

    I think that antibiotics are just another problem we don't need! Doctors are over prescribing them and it is causing super bugs to form. Super bugs are resistant to our antibiotics we use if over prescribed and then we have bacteria we can not get rid of. I think it is time we found a new medicine to replace the antibiotics.

  • We're breeding super-bacteria

    Antibiotics are necessary and useful, in the right situations. However, the nearly constant use of them, even among healthy people during non flu seasons does little to fight off illnesses, and leads to stronger and more deadly bacteria. Since we cannot (and shouldn't want to) kill off all bacteria, antibacterial soaps simply leave the strongest bacteria alive.

  • Yes, antibiotics should be used with caution!

    Doctors should only give out antibiotics when it is necessary. The problem is when we take antiobiotics often, our bodies become immune. Also, bacteria evolves and learns to adapt to the antibiotics. Over time, our bodies reject the antibiotics and they become useless. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, so over time our immune system does not take care of the bacteria unless antibioics are used.

  • Yes, prescribing antibiotics should be controlled.

    It's no great news that many disease causing bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics we have and we are losing in the battle of finding new antibiotics to fight these germs. People often insist on getting antibiotics when they are not necessary, and doctors who give them out in this situation should not be condoned. We need to have some measure of control over the prescribing of antibiotics, some sort of oversight organization that monitors the amount of prescriptions written by a doctor, evaluates their necessity and penalizes doctors who over-prescribe.

  • We need them

    We should have them because they save people all over the world everyday and if we get rid of them it will be like getting rid of humans and people we should keep them for a better life and more to live, keep atibiotics to keep us alive, atibiotics forever.

  • Keep up the Antibiotics

    We should keep up the antibiotics because it saved millions or billions of people's lives. It kills tons of bad germs really fast, but it may kill some good germs. Would people like to take such a risk of their lives of dying? The germs spread fast and something will have to stop it and that is antibiotics.

  • Significant? No. Mildly? Yes.

    Is it necessary to remove almost all antibiotics? I think not. One of the greatest inventions in the world is antibiotics, and they have helped keep operating rooms, cuts, wounds clean and helped keep certain infections and diseases at bay. However, i am worried about certain strains of disease becoming immune to antibiotics, so we should think about what complications may arise from that.

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