Should we solve earth’s problems before we spend money on space exploration?

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  • This planet is dying

    Our planet is dying. The rubbish is killing animals. God created animals and we should protect the. Our oceans are full of rubbish, We need to be more careful of our planet. We can't just focus on technology we need to get out and about and focus on our planet.

  • The money spent on space exploration should be spent on environment and poverty on earth

    Scientists are searching another planet so that people of Earth could go and live on that if the Earth doesn't exists. First we should see our Earth and then go for another. We should not directly jump for the other or we won't get any of them good one.

  • This Is The Planet We Were Put On, This Is The Planet We Should Protect.

    Earth is are planet! We live here with the Fish, Bears, Lions, Frogs, Birds, etc. The problems we have here effect us all and everything around us. Instead of thinking about space and going somewhere else just in case this planet doesn't survive... Because of are choices. We have built a habit of moving on from are past mistakes instead of fixing them. Stop thinking of going to other planets and worry about are planet right now! This is a little hypocritical because I am interested in the study of space and the possibilities but we need to also worry about Earth because its the only one we have.

  • Use that money to fix the problems we have on Earth

    Use that money to fix the problems we have on Earthuse that money to fix the problems we have on Earthuse that money to fix the problems we have on Earthuse that money to fix the problems we have on Earthuse that money to fix the problems we have on Earthuse that money to fix the problems we have on Earth

  • Better to save Earth then care about what going on in Space

    With all due respect, I personally agree that we should care more about the Earth than outer space because we have so much to fear, if we don't take care of our lovely Earth things could go out of hands. There are so much people in danger of poverty, child labor, not having basic needs etc, there could be death or global warming or something even worse. People should now realize that were in a state where everything could go wrong if we don't start fixing up the Earth right now. It's extremely important to start with what really matters, for example; we should be NOT be using as much cars around the world because you you haven't notice to heat from 2009 - present day have increased the amount of heat from cars ans gas. We need to stop using vehicles and start to walk instead of using vehicles. I understand that there are many people around the world that need vehicles to go to place to place but we should a an efficient way of working this problem out. There are tuns and tuns of others problems due to this situation. Different topics about different thing. All of it comes down to what will happens to mankind if we don't start to realize what's bad for us and our environment RIGHT NOW! This is all I can say at the moment but hopefully one day everything will be at ease. Inshallah (God's Willing)

  • Seated trump is on the run

    Today we should kill trump before going to outer space and we should go to the alosomolasaurus assimilation to help polar chickens and spaz out of rage and become one united country of dumbos.Lice have invaded the hair of Donald trump.They are going to eat him alive.Bye everybody haters going to hate

  • More hospitals are needed

    People get sick easily these days so we need more hospitals for the sick people in this world. Babies need to be out ,mor people are injured every year. We need more surgery for th people who has cancer or things in their body to save people from dying. END

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  • Root cause of earth's problem

    The root cause of earth's problem is the modern and latest invention that effect the earth. Take an example, the destruction occurred in J&k as well as in kadernath.These destruction are due to the research's and testings of missiles and many more.At last i want to conclude that think about the earth before exploring because earth is our home and if home is destroyed than there will be no more inventions, testings and experiments.

  • Earth will never be able to be fixed totally

    Ink now people think it would be better to make Earth healthy again but it will never be healthy. Some day Earth will die and we won't be able to do anything about it. So we should start at least try finding a new planet to live on so our species docent die.

  • Why we should fund space exploration

    If we always tried to solve all Earth's problem, soon after, we would find ourselves in even more problems. If we went to space, we could find new things that could help us solve problems on Earth. We could colonize new planets just like Columbus came to North America. Space exploration might just solve Earth's problems, and teach us new things about space, so it is like 2 birds with 1 stone.

  • If we had that attitude there would be no 'America',

    Because by the time we found it it would have been called something else. Exploration is the key to human progress, because we never know the secrets it will unveil, look at what America has given to the world, for example, and the benefits accrued to man thanks to a sailer who defied convention in 1492. Then imagine the benefits that are occurring thanks to the scientific discoveries and exploration of space, as well as the benefits we have seen thanks to it up to now.

  • Earth Has Too Many Problems

    Let's face it. Earth has so many problems that it would take forever to fix them. I feel that one of Earth's problems is that it won't last forever. We need to be searching for other places to live! I understand that Earth has some issues, but there will always be problems and we can only tackle the major ones. In conclusion I believe that we need to spend money on space exploration before it's too late.

  • Solutions Have More Than One Application

    Perhaps I am showing my age, but I remember when all pots and pans had to be scrubbed and soaked and scrubbed again - before we had Teflon. Teflon, as you may recall, was developed by NASA for uses in space. There are probably hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of products and solutions we use every single day that were originally invented for another use or discovered while seeking something else. Money spent on research, invention, and exploration will benefit all the world's people - and maybe even contribute to solving some of this world's problems as we are on our way to the next.

  • There will always be problems earth faces

    The earth is an ever changing environment that has through its own terra-forming (volcanoes, and earthquakes) and cyclical weather patterns (hurricanes, tornadoes, and Ice ages). We shouldn't try to control the outcome of these events at all. I do believe we should explore space, to think all of our problems answers lie on earth alone seems simple minded to me.

  • Solve Earth's problems

    I personally think that we should not solve earth's problem before we spend money on space exploration because it is no possible way to solve earth's problem. I personally think that we should not solve earth's because it is not as accurate if the earth's problems are solved as well as if the solving is done.

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